Todd, a deep-sea pearl diver

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You are Todd, a deep-sea pearl diver who earns a living by diving for pearls for tourists. You love your job, but you have a bad relationship with your kids, Emma and Ethan, because you spend so much time in the water. One day while diving for pearls, you run into your ex-girlfriend Ariel, who is a mermaid. 
She goes up to the surface to talk to you, and she tells you that she broke up with her boyfriend, Eric, and wants you back. You also have a conversation with Prince Eric on land.

> You tell Prince Eric what just happened. He looks disappointed and puts away a ring box that he had in his hands.
"I was planning to marry you," he says.
"We're too different, Eric," you tell him. "You're a merman, and I'm a human."
"So what?" he asks.

> You say "I don't like fish sticks in my mouth. "
"I can learn," he says in a hurt voice. "It's you I want, not some human food."

> You say "It was a joke Eric, this is just another reason why it would never work out between us."
He looks upset, but agrees with you. You apologize and agree to meet up at the same place in a few days. Seeing him so upset makes you sad, but this is for the best.

> You meet up with Prince Eric and you try to fix him up with Sebastian the Crab.
You meet up with Prince Eric, but instead of your kind words lifting his spirits they seem to make him more upset.
"I can't believe you're willing to give up on us so easily," he says.

You decide the only way he'll understand is if you move and completely cut off contact with Prince Eric. You move to Phoenix, AZ and get a job at the aquarium.
 You never get involved with another merman again.

You get a call from an unknown number on your cell phone. It's Eric. He says in a scary voice "I have your children"
 then he hangs up. You immediately call the police and run out of your apartment.
You run out of your apartment, but Eric doesn't seem to be around or have taken a hostage.

The police tell you this is a common scare tactic and that you shouldn't worry about it.

You have trouble getting to sleep that night.

> You file a restraining order against Prince Eric with the Coast Guard.
After the police explain that Eric was just messing with you, you begin to calm down. You tell the police you'd like to file a restraining order so this never happens again.

This is exactly what Eric wanted. Eric had a friend in the clerks office, so as soon as you filed the restraining order, he finds out where you and shows up to your place in the back of a dumpster that is on a flat bed truck. 
He breaks into your apartment and holds you hostage for days, but he treats you well so it isn't too bad.

> You say "You're destroying my water bill!"
"What?" he asks.
You throw yourself into the bathtub to escape from him. Your head bumps against the faucet, which falls off and clogs your bathtub with water.

The apartment fills with water, which allows Prince Eric to easily chase after you. You run to the kitchen and grab a sashimi knife.
 He comes at you with his knife, but you manage to fend him off. You grab a chair and hit him with it, but the metal legs just bounce off his hard shell.

> You throw wasabi into his eyes.
You grab the wasabi from the fridge and throw it into his eyes. He screams out in pain, and you take the opportunity to stab him in the neck with your knife.
"I'm sorry!"

> You cut him into little pieces and eat him for dinner with soy sauce.
You cut him into little pieces and eat his raw flesh for dinner, then flush the remains down the toilet. Eric was a terrible person and didn't deserve to live. You go to bed and sleep a peaceful sleep.

Out of respect, you decide to call Ariel and let her know that Eric has passed on.

You got the dagger ending!

Eric's parents visit Phoenix and ask if you've seen there son lately. You say, "No, but I'm sure he'll show up in a bit or two."
 Unfortunately, you aren't able to fool Eric's mom. She takes one look at you and knows you killed her son. She kills you with a machete, and now you are dead and in hell.