Virtual Jason wants to find out how much money he is worth

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You are Jason, a guy who wants to find out how much money he's worth.

One evening, you and your AIPD co-stars, Tony and Jim, break into a store. You walk up to the scanner and scan your friends to see how much money they're worth. You find out Tony and Jim worth a million dollars each. You scan yourself and find out that you're worth twice as much since you're the star of AIPD. Tony and Jim are upset about this.

"What?" says Jim. "I'm not even in AIPD!" "No," says Tony. "You are". "Look, I don't want any part of this," says Jim. "Yeah, well what kind of man doesn't want some sort of recognition?" says Tony. "Who cares?"

The show makes a million dollars, suddenly Jim wants to be part of the show.

He decides to join you guys in breaking into the bank.

You but the bank is closed.

> You go back home You decide to go back home. Your parents aren't happy with you either. They tell you that you can't go out anymore. You have to stay at home all day and do homework. They also tell you that if you ever get into trouble again, they'll take away your car.

You say "Fuck off momma and papa! I'm a grown ass man and I own that car! You don't own me!" and you rush to your room to watch anime.

> You continue... Your parents try to make you do something productive like going to school or working for them. The more you refuse, the angrier they become. Finally you give in and you agree to go to school. At first it seems fine, but then you start getting bullied because of your looks.

You say "yall just hatin on me cuz yall ugly as hell"

> You continue... You begin to realize that you've been living a lie. You realize that you're really a lonely boy who has no one to talk to. You think about how you should kill yourself. You could easily do it right now. But you're scared. What would happen? Would anyone notice? You might not die instantly. Or maybe they'd come after you later.

You but your dick is way too big for you to kill yourself.

Maybe you should get help. You call your friend Paul over. He agrees to help you. He tells you to strip naked and put him on top of you so that he can tie his hands behind your head and choke you until you pass out. Your Mom comes home from work, she sees you tied up. She screams at Paul and slams the door.

You knock Paul out with your giant penis.

Then you hide Paul in your closet. Your Mom finds out when she gets home and calls the police. They arrest Paul and take you to jail.

You find out that Paul had live streamed the naked choking and the video has gone viral. You are now famous on the internet and everyone at schools knows about you.

People ask you questions about your past. What did you do before you became a pornstar? How old were you? Did you have a father? A mother? Where did you grow up? Why did you kill yourself? And so on.

You say "I didn't have a father."

The cops throw you in prison. There is nothing you can do except wait for death.

You you escape from jail by shooting lasers out of your eyes, melting the bars and killing the guards.

You run around destroying everything in sight. When you return to your cell, you discover that there is a hole in the floor where the camera was pointing. You crawl through the hole and find yourself in another world. You look around and see people dressed in modern clothing. Some wear glasses and others don't. It looks like a city.

You you're not in another world you're just outside of the jail, what are you talking about?