Chamblee Perkins, wildlife rescuer who specializes in rescuing wild birds

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You are Chamblee Perkins, wildlife rescuer.  You specialize in rescuing wild birds.

You get a call from a Native American tribe about an American Bald Eagle with a broken wing. You arrive on the reservation and...

[ click here for more ] White Wolf $3.99 The Great Hunt (Basic) Welcome to The Great Hunt! This is your basic introductory adventure for characters of level one to four, suitable for use as a pre-generated character or for those who just want to jump into the action right away.

You agree to go on the Great Hunt with the tribe.

They will provide you with food and supplies, but you must take care of yourself. If you fail to do so, they may turn against you. You have been chosen because you are a skilled hunter, and it's believed that only someone like you can survive the journey.

You take a hit off the chief's peace pipe.

He tells you what to expect when you set out on this great hunt: You'll be given a map and told where to find the best game. You'll also be provided with a knife and some arrows. But first, you need to make sure you've got all the necessary supplies. You decide to join them on their journey.

You make a list of necessary supplies: first on the list

is a flask of water, which will help keep you hydrated while hunting. You also add a few other items: A pouch of dried meat, some dried berries and seeds, a small campfire, a couple of blankets, a tinderbox, a fire starter, a knife, a whistle, a fishing line, a compass, a spare shirt, and a blanket.

You also add a cursed vodoo doll to your backpack.

It's a doll made of black bone that has the power to curse anyone who wears it. You don't wear it because you're afraid of its powers.

You see mysterious tracks. "This is the beast we must kill", says the Cheif.

"We must hurry". You pack up your things and set out on the Great Hunt.

You and the group ride for days through the wilderness.

It's cold and dark, and you hear howls of wolves and growling and snarling creatures. At night, the moon shines bright. The next day, you come across a large body of water. You paddle upstream and reach a clearing. There, standing by the edge of the lake, is a man with long hair and a beard.

You The man turns into a buffalo and runs away. The tribe tells you the man is a Whitewolf, a white guy that turns into a werewolf and gentrifies the land. They tell you that you must chase him down and kill him.

You follow the trail of blood leading back to the man. He disappears behind a hill. You look around and notice a trail of blood going back towards the village. It looks like he took his own life. The tribe thinks you should give up and return home. You disagree.

You see a trail of star bucks cups heading in the opposite direction. You follow them and find Whitewolf's lair / studio apartment.

A huge wolf lies dead in the corner of the room. His eyes are open wide, staring at you. He's covered in gore. His teeth are missing, and there's a hole in his chest. Blood drips onto the floor. The Chief walks in. He's wearing a fur hat and carries a bow and quiver full of arrows.

You quickly insert your voodoo doll into the hole in Whitewolf's chest and it brings his soul back to life but he is now cursed.

The Chief approaches you. "I'm sorry, but I can't let you continue".

You you say fuck off!

The Chief grabs you by the collar and shoves you against the wall. He then takes your voodoo doll and throws it on the ground. "Now you die". You feel a sharp pain in your throat and choke. You cough up blood. You try to stand up, but the pain is too much and you collapse on the floor.

You quickly swallow the voodoo doll and it keeps you alive, but you are now cursed.

> You continue After a week passes, you wake up. You rub your head and sniff the air. You sit up and see the sun shining brightly. You walk over to the door and peek outside. There is no sign of the Chief and the sky is clear. You think you might be getting better treatment than before.

You look in a mirror and see that you are now Rush Limbaugh.

You smile.

You realize you are a WereLimbaugh. When the moon is full you turn into a right-wing asshole.

When it's not full, you become an anti-social loner. You live alone in a cave in the woods. You eat bugs and insects. You have a pet snake named Red. One time, when you were drunk, you tried to bite Red, but he bit you instead. One night, you hear a loud noise coming from far away.

You see a giant eagle making the noise. He has a broken wing. "You came to the reservation and didn't do shit for me," the eagle squawks.

"I killed my wife, so I had to take care of her son". Then he flies away. One day, a bear comes walking along the path. "Hey buddy, wanna go for a hike?" he asks. "No thanks, I'm fine," you reply. "Nah, I ain't scared of bears. Come on, let's go!"