Steven MacFree, a busker in New York City, plays music in public places for tips

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You are Steven MacFree.  You are a busker in New York City.  You play music in public places for tips.

You One day you are playing a rendition of Purple Rain on your violin and a main in a black raincoat walks up to you and says...

"Hey, I hear you're good on the violin". You look at him. He is about your age, but he has a long flowing blond hair that reaches his waist. His face is clean shaven and he wears a black suit with a red tie. "I am," you say simply. "But what can I do for you?"

The man asks you to perform at a private party he is holding at the top of the Empire State Building. If you agree, he will give you a lock of his long flowing blond hair. You tell him...

"No thanks". "What do you mean? It's not like it'll make me less likely to get mugged or anything!" The man looks disappointed. "Well, then I guess we won't be seeing each other anymore. Good luck with your concert". You feel sad for a moment, but then smile back. "Thanks," you reply.

You watch him spin on his heels and your gaze is stuck on his long blonde hair. You notice a few strands missing. You realize his hair seems to be in high demand and begin second guessing your choice. "Hey wait!".

You turn around and walk away from the man who was still staring after you. As soon as you leave, he turns around and runs after you.

You tag the man and say, "You're it!" The man tags you and says, "You're hired!".

> You start working Your first job is selling flowers. A guy approaches you and says, "Hey, I heard you were good at selling flowers". You nod. "Yeah," he replies. "I'm Johnny. What kind of flowers?" "Daffodils," you reply. Johnny nods. "Good choice. How much do they sell for?"

You say "$12.99" you answer and watch him pay. "You are my favorite customer." You watch Johnny pet the dog on your counter and say "Oh Hi doggy."

before walking off. A little later, you see Johnny standing next to a van full of flowers. He says, "So how much did those cost?" You shrug. Johnny continues, "How much did you sell them for?" You pause. "$12.99". Johnny smiles. "That's great! That means I made $2.60 per flower". You chuckle.

You realize Johnny is trying to control the daffodil supply in New York City. "You'll probably get away with this!" you yell.

Johnny doesn't respond. Instead, he grabs one of the flowers and puts it into his pocket. "See ya," he says and leaves without another word. Your next job is to sell apples. A girl approaches you and says, "Hey, I heard you could sell apples for cheap. What do you charge?" You shake your head. "It depends," you say.

You say to the girl "I will sell you all these apples in exchange for one record deal!".

She stares at you blankly. "Are you serious?" she asks. "Sure," you say. "Just come over here". She walks over to you and sits down across from you. "Do you have any records?" she asks. You think for a moment. "Nah. I don't have any". "Why not?" "Because I'm broke".

You pull out your violin and play for her. She is impressed and signs you to a record deal on the spot.

After your new contract, you find yourself in a better position than ever before. You can now buy whatever you want. You start buying expensive things and living extravagantly. You even start getting into fights with people you used to fight with when you worked at the Flower Shop. Then one night you wake up. You remember something. Something very important...

You live a simple life. And now you have a chance to go home.

You decide to pursue a life of fame and fortune.

You become a famous musician. You tour the world performing for crowds of thousands of fans. You become rich beyond your wildest dreams. But there is a catch... You have no idea where you are going to sleep tonight.

One day a fan hands you a daffodil during a concert, and you start crying. "You owe me $3.60," the fan says.

You laugh and refuse to pay. "I don't need money," you say. "I just want to go home". The fan begins to cry and begs you to help him. "Please, please, I've never done anything wrong". "Go ahead and take your chances. Go to jail. Whatever. Just let me go home".