Liz Catcheims, Pokemon trainer

Posted under Episode 146, Story On By Chief

You are Liz Catcheims, Pokemon trainer.

You have got your starting pokemon, Squirtle and you adventure out into Konto.

> You go to the Village of Konto You head towards the village of Konto, but it is a very dangerous place. The people there don't like outsiders coming here, so they try to keep their secrets. After a few days you reach the village, which looks deserted. You see several houses standing empty, which makes you wonder what happened to them.

You enter one of the buildings after you think you hear a voice in there. You gulp before you gather the courage to open the door. You peek in, and see a girl with a Mudkip pokemon and a girl with a shiny Plusle pokemon.

They look at each other for a moment, then suddenly the Shiny Plusle turns its eyes towards you. "Hello Mr. Trainer". She says. "I am Ms. Pikachu, my name is Misty". "And I am..". You begin to say, but she cuts you off. "Mr. Trainer, please! We can explain everything if you just listen!"

You raise your eyebrows "What happened here? Why is this town empty?".

Misty starts to panic. "We were attacked by Team Rocket!".

You see Team Rocket across the street robbing FancyTown, a clothing store.

They have already stolen all their money, leaving nothing for them now except time on their clock.

You challenge Team Rocket to a pokemon battle.

> You use Charmander as your starter Pokémon Charmander has been trained since birth to be a fire type. It is also strong enough to take down most enemies with only two hits. Charmander takes care of the rest easily. "Thank you, thank you. Now that we're settled, let's get back home". You say.

You the girls from before come back to join Misty and Pikachu. They stare you and Charmander down "Now you must get some gym badges! You can't just go home!".

"No problem". You reply. The next day you leave Konto and head south. Soon you arrive in the city of Littleroot. Here you meet up with the owner of the PokeMart, who gives you a lift back home.

You laugh when you arrive at home. You sure fooled those Pokémon people into believing you'd go on a grand adventure when all you want to do is go home and have some butter pecan ice cream.