Blane Hotz, a guy who easily gets jealous

Posted under Episode 146, Story On By Chief

You are Blane Hotz, a guy who easily gets jealous.

One day, you introduce your brother to your girlfriend. Your brother gives your girlfriend a hug, which makes you jealous. You run up to him and grab him. You start punching and kicking him. Your girlfriend asks, "Why are you doing this?" You say, "Because my brother's a girlfriend stealer."

"What? How can that be possible?" she says. "I don't know," you reply. You leave the room and head back downstairs. As you walk down the stairs, you hear your brother yelling at his girlfriend. He tells her that he is leaving because he needs to work. "He doesn't need to work!"

You tell your brother's girlfriend that your father is Sonic the Hedgehog.

She replies, "Sonic? That fat old man with the red cap who lives in a cave and eats bugs? I thought you said your name was Blane". You then tell her that your real name is Blane. The two of you go into the kitchen where you continue to argue. Finally, your brother comes out of the bedroom. He yells at both of you.

You get angry and yell "NO! That's my uncle Sonic from Romania! I'm talking about Sonic the Hedgehog from the game!".

Your brother responds by saying, "Yeah, but you're not going to like it". Your brother then grabs you by the throat and throws you on the floor. His girlfriend tries to help, but she too is grabbed and thrown onto the floor. Your brother starts shouting, "Shut up bitch! You think you're so tough?"

You punch your brother in the face, and hundreds of rings fly off of his body.

You laugh as you watch your brother fall backwards. You look over at your girlfriend and see tears streaming down her face. She cries, "I love you Blane", while you respond with, "I love you too Blane". Then, you turn around and walk out of the house.

You race down the street, collecting gold coins. You decide to visit your father, Sonic the Hedgehog from the video game. He is happy to see you, and says...

> You thank him for saving your life Thank you for saving my life, Mr. Sonic. It means a lot. I'll always remember you. Mr. Sonic looks at you and smiles. "Well, well, well, what do we have here? A kid who isn't afraid of me or anything else, eh?" Mr.

You show your father the coins you collected. Hoping he will finally be proud of you.

The next morning, you wake up early to play your first day at school. You notice that everyone is staring at you. They all seem to be wondering if you are really a good student. You smile and try to ignore them. After class, your mother walks in. She notices how upset you are. She begins to cry.

You say "What's wrong Mom? You don't like all the rings I've collected?"

Her response is to slap you across the face. You scream and begin running away. Your father arrives and attempts to stop her. "Stop hitting your son! What kind of world are we living in if people can treat their own children like that?" Your mother continues to hit you until you fall unconscious. When you wake up, you find yourself in a dark room.

You learn that your Mom is Dr Robotnik and have a huge boss battle fight.

You win. You also find out that you are now a celebrity. People come up to you asking you questions. Some ask you about your new fame, others want to meet you. One night, you sleep in your car. You wake up when someone knocks on the door. You open it to reveal a beautiful woman with long blonde hair. Her eyes light up as she sees you.