Whoopi Goldberg, star of many hit films

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You are Whoopi Goldberg, the star of many hit films.

You have a special place in your heart for the film Sister Act 2. Most people don't seem to like it, but you hear about a guy named Tony who saw the film multiple times in theaters. You go to visit him, because you assume he's the world's biggest fan of Sister Act 2. However, Tony explains that he actually doesn't like the film that much. You are disappointed.

You decide to talk with some other fans and find out what they think of Sister Act 2. One of them is an older man who has been coming to see Sister Act 2 since it was first released. He tells you that he used to be a priest before his wife died. When she died, he became a full-time actor and eventually got famous as Father Féval.

You offer to sign a bluray copy of Sister Act 2 for Father Féval.

He accepts, saying he'll probably need it more than you will.

You get irritated when Father Feval says he loves your acting on "The View.".

> You sign the bluray You sign the bluray and give it back to Father Féval. He thanks you profusely and leaves. The next day, you receive a call from a woman who identifies herself as Rita Repulsa. She asks if you want a drink or something after work. You decline, telling her you're going home.

You ask Rita Repulsa "Good to hear from you though. How is your career going? Any acting jobs lately?".

Rita Repulsa responds by asking you how your marriage is doing. You tell her it's great and that you love each other. Rita Repulsa then asks if you've ever thought about having children. You say no. Rita Repulsa replies with "I'm sorry...I just wanted to know how things were between you and your wife".

You Ask Rita Repulsa how you patch up your marriage problems with your wife.

She says "It takes two to tango" and kisses you. You realize Rita Repulsa has been trying to make conversation with you. Rita Repulsa begins talking about how she once had a boyfriend named Danny Bonaduce. They broke up because Danny was too shy to approach her.

You ask Rita out to lunch and ask her if she is really a big fan of Power Rangers.

She confirms this, stating that she watches every single episode. You ask if she knows any actors who play the role of Billy Cranston/Jason Lee. Rita Repulsa states that she hasn't seen anyone else playing the role, but she believes it could be someone called Jason Lee. You ask Rita Repulsa what she thinks about the new movie.

Rita Repulsa says she likes it, but she wishes there was a little more action. You ask Rita Repulsa if she watched the movie with you yesterday. Rita Repulsa denies knowing you and tells you that you should watch the movie alone. You ask Rita Repulsa if she wants to go to the movies again sometime. Rita Repulsa agrees.

You tell Rita that you are in the process of making Sister Act 3 and there will so much action.

You ask Rita to stay at your house while you are shooting. When you return home later that night, Rita Repulsa is waiting outside. You ask her why she waited so long. Rita Repulsa tells you that she wants to thank you for helping her out yesterday. You tell her that you appreciate her kindness.

You Invite Rita inside for a nightcap.

After the drinks, you begin to feel sleepy. You lay down on the couch and close your eyes. Suddenly, Rita wakes you up. You open your eyes and see Rita standing over you. Rita: I can't believe we slept together! (Sigh) So much for being careful... You: What?!

You ask her to confirm that you two had sex.

Rita: Well...yes...but...you know...we were both drunk...and...(sigh)...it was all so wonderful...so let's stop right there... Rita: I'm not sure where we went wrong... We didn't do anything bad... (Sigh) Rita: But...I still feel terrible... I mean...you are my husband...and I loved you...

You whisper something into Rita's ear.

Rita: ...I love you too. Rita: Okay, okay, I understand. I won't mention it again. Rita: Now, let's get some sleep. Rita: Goodnight. As you drift off, you wonder if you made the right decision marrying Rita Repulsa.