Pepper Trotlings, a world-famous horse trainer

Posted under Episode 142, Story On By Chief

You are Pepper Trotlings, a world-famous horse trainer. You raise and trained horses Triple Crown winner and five Kentucky Derby-winning horses.

You are walking up and down the stalls of the horse barn when you hear someone say "Hey!" You look and see your prize horse, Glory Road staring at you. You have a talking horse.

> You tell Glory Road to go away! You turn around and yell "Go Away!" The other stallions stare at you in shock. They don't understand what you mean. You then turn back to Glory Road and say "She doesn't want to be here". Glory Road stares at you with her big black eyes for a moment before slowly disappearing into the crowd.

You feel bad for what you said and run after Glory Road. She turns up her nose at you and refuses to speak.

You try again but she just walks past you. "I'm sorry," you say to her. "It's just I didn't know how to react".

You present her with a big bucket of horse food (Whatever horse food is) and slowly groom her with your brush.

Glory Road looks very pleased with herself as she eats her meal. The next day, you return to the stable where the rest of the horses are being fed. You notice that Glory Road has disappeared from sight. A few people have come out to search but they haven't found her yet. You wonder if she got lost or something.

You look under the bleachers and find Glory Road smoking cigarettes with the barn cats. You open your mouth to yell, but Glory tells you...

"Don't bother me". The next morning, you're still wondering about this strange incident. Suddenly, a young man comes running up to you. He says he saw Glory Road last night. He asks if you've seen Glory Road. You tell him you've not seen her. He starts to cry. "Oh my God, she's gone!" he cries.

You say "Who are you?"

He explains that Glory was his girlfriend and that she left him because she had an argument with him yesterday. He goes on to explain that she went off with some guy named Tom who lives nearby. He continues to sob and ask you for help.

You say "You're fucking my horse??".

He says no, she ran off with another guy called John Smith. He goes on to explain that he hasn't been able to get in touch with her since yesterday afternoon. You think about it for a minute. If Glory was going to leave you, why would she do it now? You decide to follow her.

You find Glory Road at the mall. She is in the food court with some guy named Tom, who is wearing a leather jacket. You yell at Glory, and she starts crying big horse tears.

Tom approaches you and says "Hi". You reply "No, I told you to go away!" Tom replies "Yeah, well you can't stop me, so I guess you'll have to let me take you somewhere else". You start laughing and say "What the fuck are you doing?"

You give Tom a backhanded slap across the face, then grab Glory by the hoof and escort her out of the food court.

Later... You walk through the park and see Glory Road sitting on the grass with two guys, one of them is holding a shotgun. You shout "Get off of me, I'm not interested in you anymore". The gun goes off and Glory runs off screaming. You call after her "How did you even manage to shoot that far?"

You find Glory Road outside of the glue factory, writing angry poetry. You approach her and ask, "What are you doing here?".

She responds "I'm writing angry poetry, I thought you'd like to read it". "Well I certainly wouldn't mind reading it, but I'm not interested in anyone any more. Now get off of me". You pull out your pistol and point it at her head, she screams and drops her pen. You fire several shots into her body, killing her instantly.

You drag the body to the glue factory floor and say to the foreman "Here you go".