EP376 #1

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You are lying asleep in your bed. Suddenly you're awoken by a rattling "ke-ke-ke-ke" noise. You look out the window and see a large black bird flying through the sky, it's beak is so big that its head looks like an arrow coming straight at you!
you slam your window closed in time for the bird to go crashing through the glass.

The next day you wake up from your nap only to find that you have no memory of what happened yesterday. You remember waking up in your bed and seeing a huge black bird fly past, but nothing else.
you look out your window and see the black bird flying in circles around your house. You quickly close and lock your window and hide under your covers in fear.
Your mother comes rushing into your room to check on you.
She checks your diaper to guage your fear levels before explaining.
"The black bird brought you back to life yesterday. He let me grab him while he was circling so I could see what he was up too." she explains.
as Momma finishes checking your diapies, you see a clawed hand come out of your closet, it belongs to The Creature of the Wardrobe.
"I heard the whole thing, I was watching you the whole time!" it says with a grin. "The black bird wants you to go with him, he says he's your friend."
You agree to go with the bird, but first your change your diaper. After you get done changing, The creature helps you pack a bag with some toys to play with while you're with the bird.
You enter the wardrobe with the bird and transform into a twenty five your old man. The Creature shuts your door and says "I'm staying in here with you. No problem!"
Your next stop is the roof, The monster was already waiting for you in the chimera form.
The monster is a chimera of the following creatures:1. A black Widows peak.2. A Brown Bear with huge teeth.3. A giant Spider with as many as four Arachnid legs.4. A Stag with a huge Long Horn.
you mock the monsters receding hairline. He growls and you both transform into your beast forms and head off into the woods.
Your destination is a cave just past the hill.
You look down and see your own beast form, you have transformed into:1. An armored head with tentacles for arms, and no legs.2. A purple rat with a long tale, two big teeth, and spikes on it's back.3. A furry creature with a long snout, and big ears.
Once your done admiring your new beast forms.
You choose the form of an armored head with tentacles for arms, and no legs.  You slowly drag yourself to the cave.
Once inside your see garbage piled from floor to ceiling, and it's infested with vermin.
You shriek in terror when you see a ten foot cockroach coming your way.
you overcome your childish screaming and grasp the cockroach with both tentacles and rip.
The cockroach's carapace is as hard as armor, you fails to find any vulnerable spots and begin to sweat profusely.
you sweat is thick and black like ink, and before long you are covered in it. You quickly spin and fling inky sweat everywhere.
The cockroach begins to scream, but you quickly reduce it to a puddle of ink and black gore.
you mush together a throne of garbage, and assume your place on it as King of the Monsters.
As you sit on the throne, The monster known as the Chimera begins to bumble in. "I see you have claimed the throne." it says.
"Yes, I have... Who are you?"
> You say "I am now the King and you are my subject"
"You are it seems, you have some balls on you. What's your name?"
"I am now the King and you are my subject, what's your name?"
The Chimera grins.
the chimera begins to answer and you interrupt with "YOUR NAME IS BITCH!"
The Chimera is about to start screaming when you clamps his mouth shut with one of his tentacles.
"You dare address the King in such a manner?" he asks incredulously.
You look directly at the camera and excalim, "AIPD has returned!"
"This means war, it will be taken care of shortly" you think to yourself.
The Chimera asks "Excuse me did you just say War?"
The moral of the story: No one man should have all that power.