EP375 #1

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You are Michael Jackson at Camp Crystal Lake where a serial killer hunted around for children to kill. You have been chosen by the camp's shaman to take on this task and you will be able to prove yourself worthy of being a true hero.
the shaman says to you "you will need these magic words should you encounter Jason. Ishkiddlyotenbotenboboskadeetndatn"
The first word is "Ishkiddlyutens" which means "It hurts". The second word is "Bobsakadodos" which means "Cursed".
After chanting the words, you see Mike Myers wearing Cory's clothes which are drenched in kombucha appear before you. He looks down on you angrily for a moment. Then he raises his hand and casts a ray of fire out of it to burn you to death instantly.
> You block the ray of fire with your sequined glove.
You jump up and catch the glove as it comes straight at you. You feel the heat coming through the sequined fabric and then you see this glove turn into dust.
The katakana word for "empowerment" is written down the whole length of the glove now in shiny black letters as flames starts to slowly engulf it.
as you slip on the enchanted glove you feel a surge of energy and gain the following powers: 1. You can shoot out fire from your hands with a gentle flicker. (You are fireproof). 2. You are not able to touch or be touched by anything physical without feeling extreme pain. 3. You gain supernatural speed.
"Remember. You are my champion now."
You hear a scream from a cabin on the other side of the camp.  You run there as fast as you can, but you are too late and you see the mutilated corpse of a camper.
The top of his head is missing and the brains are all over the room wall.
you see a trail of bloody footprints leading to another cabin. You could only guess who was the killer, but you need some proof and that's when you realize you've found it in the form of a dead flashlight lying by the campfire.
There is some writing on the flashlight. You read it, and it says "You iz not my friend. Do not steal from me."
"Jason? he says coming up to you. "What iz this?"
"You are a sadistic killer.
you say "that iz ignorant. you're ignorant" and you scorch Jason's foot with a fireball.
"Aww!" the killer howls.
you walk up to him, ignoring his minor burns and your own intense heat. You pick up the charred body part and look at it.
You tell Jason, "I will spare you life, but you must get me the Elephant Man's bones!"  Jason stares in compliance and walks off. The burn on his foot soon heals itself, but the experience was enough to establish your dominance.
Jason returns the following night and hands you the Elephant Man's bones which you use to create a mask for yourself.
You put it on and say, "I decided to make you my puppet".
with your words ringing through the bone mask, Jason fall under your control. You order him to bring others to you so you can control them too.
You spend your remaining time in the game sitting by a campfire, laughing uncontrollably at the screen.
The moral of the story: Don't steal from the mentally deranged pyromaniacs with superhuman abilities.