EP373 #3

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You are Frank, an AIPD Viewer who gets confused when someone donates, subscribes or gifts a sub that a clip from some obscure 90s show comes up called "Twin Peaks". You suspect it's a Documentary about The Peak Brothers, you are Twins, but you are sorely mistaken when you find out it's David Lynch's TV show he made after "The Elepahmt Man " and "Eraserhead". You are baffled that you've never heard of this show until you find out that it only had 3 seasons.

It seems like the internet is your friend now, because you can't believe that no one has ever told you about this show before.
> You watch all three seasons of Twins Peak back-to-back-to-back.
Twins Peak Season 1: Twin Peaks

Season 2: Twin Peaks

Season 3: Twin Peaks
Now that you're such good friends, you ask the internet what you should watch next.
It suggests:
The Real World
A show with people who are the same age as you who go to a college called "The Farm" which is in New York.
You watch the Real World and are shocked by the most controversial episode where one of the cast mates has an extreme emotional outburst!
The Real World: The Farm.
You research into the incident and find out that most people think that the girl called Kelly Anne is racist.
> You call out Kelly Anne in a social media post.
You are in shock when you see that your social media post has reached over 40,000 people and counting. You find it hard to believe that cast mates of the Real World are actually following you on social media.
you are rudely awoken that night by Kelly Anne dumping a bucket on you as you sleep.
You wake up with water still in your ears.
Most people think it was a pre-meditated attack, others think it was an accident.
You write another social post explaining how it was an attack and that you have had to move since she leaked your address to her fans who have been relentless in there harassment.
Everyone is quick to judge you.
The internet is harsh:
They say that the stress of the social media attack caused you to have a heart attack and this is the reason you died.
> You reveal your death was a hoax.
You are flooded with messages of thanks from people who you had never even met.
You have also become a minor celebrity on the internet after your death being pointed out in several articles, a "meme" and even being written about in awe in a Tumblr blog.
You estimate that between your YouTube Channel and all of the media attention you've had over 1.2B people have heard of you,
> You are invited to be on the next season of "The Real World."
A few days after your first wave of death hoaxes, you see an e-mail from a production company wanting to know if you would like to be on the next season of "The Real World".
You think about it for a while, and decide that you will be the first REAL person on the real world.
You fly out to New York and meet all of the new roommates.
Here's a quick photo of the new roommates:
You get along well with them all, with the exception of Tyrie.
you make a list of all the ways Tyrie has wronged you: 1. He sits in the same chair as often as possible without offering it to you. 2. He has bad taste in music. 3. He has bad taste in shirts. 4. He eats too much. 5. He uses his spoon improperly.
You are not looking forward tosharing a house with him.
Check back in 3 months to see how your time in this experiment goes!
3 months later, you and Tyrie are still not the closest of friends. You don't hang out with him ever, and there are rumors that he's converted to judaism.
You try to finally make amends with Tyrie.
You talk to him about his religion, in an effort to connect with him on a deeper level.
The conversation seems to go well as you both agree that the bible is a good book.
> You and Tyrie get into a fistfight while playing Magic the Gathering.
While playing Magic: The Gathering, you and Tyrie get into a dispute about something that happened in the game.
Who do you think will win the fight?
The viewers have voted and the results are:
Almost immediately following the fight, you are contacted by an ex-girlfriend who wants you to talk with her son.
you hang up the phone and finish that Magic the Gathering game. you tap your lands and use Rolling Thunder on Tyrie. He doesn't have any outs, and soon falls to the ground.
"I don't want to fight, that's why I came here."
You realize that Tyrie is your son.
You sit down with him and talk.
Your life has gotten so much better following that revelation.
you reveal that Tyrie is your son to the rest of your cast mates.
You then get into a fist fight with him while playing Magic the Gathering.
This cycle continues for the rest of the season on "The Real World: Portland".
The moral of the story: The internet works in mysterious ways.