EP373 #2

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You are Hellmo, a red furry demon and the star of a deadcational series, Sesame Hell which teaches kids stupid, gross, scary, and horrible stuff with live-action, puppet, CGI, stop motion, traditional animation, 8-bit styled and 2D characters shown throughout the show such as a small fish named Lonnie, a fish who enjoys texting, A clay animated character known as Cake Boy, A puppet robot named Harold, and three aliens known as Alien Kids along with Big Hog, a Irish-style wearing pig who parodys Big Bird, Warrior Monster, a parody of Cookie Monster and a purple warrior with sharp teeth who is on a quest to bring back his kidnapped brother, A parody of Oscar the Grouch named Soccer the Brouch, a Brouch who lives in a empty can of soup where she challenges anyone on Sesame Hell to a soccer game, and many more, One day, You found out that you're arrested due to swearing in a episode of Sesame Hell titled ''Counting Creepypasta'', You must go on a rescue mission and travel away to find out that your show is moved to another studio and bring the show's set back to life	ce!

You are now at a crossroads. You could either stay here and continue to suffer or try to escape from this place by yourself, but there are dangers ahead if you do not succeed.
> You decide to escape.
You have been stuck for too long and it is time to leave this place forever. You will be able to make your own way to freedom without any help from others, so what are you waiting for?
you think you'll need the help of Big Hog to get out of the studio. You listen for the sound of his squealing and follow it. You follow the squeals, which eventually lead you to a room filled with props from your show. You see Big Piggy reading a book in one corner of the room, next to an old kitchen set.
You walk up to Big Piggy, but you sense something is off.  You tap his should and he falls to the ground, breaking in two, as a result. You scream in horror at what you have done. Just then, a hidden door opens, and you see Big Hog.
You reveal your troubled past to Big Hog. He understands that you want to leave the place, and says he will help you. You and Big Hog prepare to set off.
you set off with big hog through the different set's in the studio, when you come across a bank set for the robbery scene you were filming yesterday. The door is locked and it seems someone has trapped the robbers inside. You walk up to the door and listen.
You hear the robbers going over their entire plan to rob the studio and start a rival puppet themed educational show.  A thought comes into your mind. These robbers want to rob the same studio you do, so if you let them escape, they will open the door for you.
you wait in the shadows with big hog until the robbers emerge with sacks of fake money. they start counting out their money and the one in charge informs everyone that they have over a million dollars. Everyone is in shock, and the lead robber informs them that it is time to go.
The door swings open and you are face to face with the team of robbers. One of the robbers screams and runs into another room. you are left with the lead robber.
> You give the lead robber one chance to surrender.
The lead robber is slow and easily captured. You tell the others to just kill him as he is a traitor to them. He begs for his life, but you hear none of it.
You use your secret demon power to dispatch of him. You toast to his dead corpse with his own drink.
You soon leave the studio, heading towards the docks. You are ready now more than ever to leave this city.
as you head for the escape boat you hear sirens approaching. The Cops are on your tail! You head through a small alleyway and come across another door. Big Hog pushes you aside to look first and quickly disappears inside.
> You turn to face the cops. You unleash your hellish powers.
You unleash a full blast of hellfire and it turns the entire force of five police cars into burning piles of wreckage. The Cops are set alight and you watch as they scream in pain before finally expiring.
Big Hog starts up the speedboat and tells you to hop in.  You jet off into the sunset. Sadly, it seems like you might have offended the Mayor of the city so bad that he has had your homes burnt to the ground.
...But that will not bother you any longer, for you are finally free.
The moral of the story: Never let the pigs grind you down and always remember to burn your hatorade, because manners cost nothing, baby.