EP372 #2

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Wiseman told me once:
Better to cum in the sink
Than sink in the cum
You can't go home again. You have to stay here with all these people who are probably going to kill you and then they're going to eat your corpse.
you arm yourself again the people.
The first thing that happens is a man comes out of the house, he looks like he's about to cry but instead he just stares at you. He doesn't seem hostile so you don't shoot him either.
You know the man as Testing Dummy and you decide to beat him up.
"What are you doing?" Demands testing dummys wife, who came out after her husband.
"I'm fighting..." Is all you have time to say before he punches you in the face.
as you tumble to the ground, a vial of A mysterious drug labelled "Cake" falls out of your pocket. You drink the "Cake" and undergo the following changes: 1. You have the agility of a spider. 2. You spray webbing from your hands. 3. Your head begins to feel heavy, like it's made out of lead. 4. Your face feels numb. 5. Your heart skips a few beats then begins beating very fast. 6. You begin seeing in full colour despite being in pitch blackness.
Being the awesome drugs that they are, the "Cake" has boosted your combat abilities. Your skin has hardened a little and you feel tougher. The heavy feeling you have is noticably slowing you down, however.
You shoot your webbing to test out your powers, the dummy dodges and all your webbing hits Mr. Wankey. You don't just hit him with your webbing, you shoot your fists out and hit test subject dead in the throat. He collapses onto his back coughing up blood. You've crushed his Adam's apple.
His wife puts her hand on your thigh and looks impressed at your abilities.
"Y-You did that in t-time..." She says.
"So, this stuff really does make me stronger?" You ask.
"No, I wouldn't lie."
you say "if I wasn't stronger, then I wouldn't be able to do this" as you dead lift training dummies car.
"Your head is feeling heavy." She says. "That means the drug is kicking in. It'll start kicking out in a few minutes."
You stand up and feel your head clearing.
> You look down and see your crotch is covered in webbing.
You look down and realize you must've shot out your web fluid without even realizing. The headrush sets in and you take a moment to find your sense again.
You ask Dummy Wife if she has any more "Cake" on her.
She has more of the drug but isn't willing to part with it for free, you would have to do something for her in order to receive more.
You say, "I'll do anything for more 'Cake', just tell me what you want!"
She looks around nervously and says, "Test Subjects".
You misunderstand and say "Of course, I'll test drugs for you."
she gives you a small vial of something and you drink it instantly. as the effects take hold you say "Look, I see turds!"
You feel a lot more talkative and willing to do pretty much anything.
She asks if you'd like to see inside the house. You accept.
> You go inside and she begins the house tour.
As you enter the house, it's obvious that this must be where she does her experiments.
The dining area is nicely set out, with a nice table and chairs. The kitchen is well equipped and clean.
Dummy Wife opens a drawer and pulls out a bottle of Nothing that you snatch from her hands and immediately take.
You feel woozy.
You stumble around and begin to throw up. You can almost sense the chemicals mixing in your stomach. but then that is vomited onto the carpet: Sugar Tiles.
Dummy Wife says "let the experiments begin!"
You stare at her and realize she is in fact a stranger. You take a deep breath and realize you are not who you thought you were.
You look around and realize you are in a large lab.
you turn to leave but Dummy Wife locks the door with a large latch. you hear the crackle of a load-speaker and hear "just breathe deep and relax" as gas starts to fill the room.
You see 3 Choice Crammers stand on the table and toss their weapons to the floor. They begin to dance in submission, waiting for you to make your move.
Dummy Wife points at the 3 Choice Crammers and says, "Finish them!"
It seems you know your objective.
3 Charnel Alies stand nearby looking to be slightly more intelligent than the 3 Choice Crammers.
you uppercut one of the Choice Crammers and hit his chin so hard his spine rips out. you feel his life ooze out and onto your hands.
You decide to finish off the 3 Charnel Alies, as you punch one hard in the face, shattering his jaw.
The moral of the story: Don't drink andfight.
You finish off the last 2 and defeat the charnel alies with your fists. They don't do much damage with their little finger knives.