EP370 #1

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You are Neil Short, a B-movie director who specializes in making low-budget horror films starring washed up celebrities. You are busy writing a script called "The Case of the Birthday Hater" which is a movie about the real life story of Jason, the lead detective at AIPD.

Meanwhile you have been trying to contact your brother Bill for the past few days and he has not returned your calls. He was supposed to meet with you yesterday but never showed up.
you drive over to Bill's house to see what he is up to?

When you arrive at his home, it's just as you left it. The front door is open and there are no signs of forced entry or anything like that.
You see a note created from magazine clippings, it is a ransom note fore Bill's life from the kidnappers.  It is signed: "The Birthday Hater."
Oh C'mon!!!
The "Happy Birthday Killers" as the media dubbed them were a couple, who planned and executed a string of murders in the 60s and 70s.
you take the note to your special effects team and ask them "What do you make of this?"
They are baffled, no one has ever analyzed a ransom note before.
"It's probably some dumb thugs that think they are hip" says one.
You say, "Would you count that as a damn amogus? I fucking would."
They all laugh and get back to work.
Their solution as correct, but it would be cool if there was a way that you could recreate the actual ransom note and then use that one instead.
You peel back some of the glued on letters and see an address.  You decide to take a drive and see where the address takes you.
The address leads to a house that is boarded up, but easily accessible through the back yard.
you film your entry as you sneak in slowly through a basement window. You drop into the basement and find yourself standing in a pile of 
unwashed dishes and filth.
You flick on your flashlight and look around. You see some bloodstained stairs that lead up and to the left is a door with some garbage piled against it.
You slowly head upstairs and notice a Motivational Poster saying "orges are like Garlic, we smell like Shit"- Shreek, 2013.
The house looks empty and you begin poking ar your flashlight around when you see something.
It's a small part of skin or fabric colored or, blue, you can't tell which yet.
you taste it and it reminds you of  a blueberry muffin you had the day before.
THe stench becomes overpowering as you realize that you are smelling a rotting corpse.
You turn the corpse around and pray that this is not Bill.  You flip the corpse over and notice that it is not Bill. You also notice that this person died from several gunshot wounds.
You write in your journal and find an entry titled "Troublesome Thug".
You recognize the corpse as that of Violet Beauregarde.
You see a pamphlet on the floor called "The Truth" and decide to bring it with you.
you call AIPD and tell them of the new evidence.
You begin to read "The Truth":
We bet you never suspected that Violet Beauregarde was a victim of foul play.
The police quickly wrote her death off as a suicide, but it didn't add up. We hope this find encourages you, as you are certainly no stranger to loss, to reconsider joining us in our quest for justice.
your reading is interrupted by a loud noise coming from the 2nd floor, someone is in the house. you head for the stairs with your camera in hand.
As you make your ascent to the 2nd floor, you realize that someone is in the house and its sounds like they are trying to hide.
Someone appears behind you, And says "hi my name is ebson" Revealing Ebson.
He walks past you and says "I'm going to go check the attic, you make sure everythings OK down here"
You are relieved.
Ebson opens the attic and Bill falls hanging by a meat hook.  Bill screams in pain and tell you to run.  Ebson's eyes become devious as he starts chasing you with a knife. You trip on the rotting corpse of Violet Beauregarde and Ebson catches you. He slits your throat and hosts another episode of truth and crime re-openned.
Ebson drops the knife and walks away as you gasp and hold a cloth to your torn open neck, you grab the knife and sneak up to Ebson to end his life.
He warns you that you will not get close to him and turns his attention toward you.
You get close to him and stab him right in the fucking eye.
You stand over his dead body and spit in it.
You begin the walk home and vow to help anyone with thier revenge wrongings against you.
You leave the house and as you walk away you notice in the second story window: Ebson 2.
You turn your head laughing and see a post card reading "Bermuda or Bust: Have fun in the sun, See you soon -Mom".
you write back to her and then fake your own death.
The moral of the story: get your revenge now or suffer the consequences.