EP369 #2

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You are Huckleberry Droop, an eccentric toy maker. After the disastrous launch of Chess 2 your tabletop segment is in shambles. Realizing that kids prefer consoles you devise a plan to overtake gaming industry. Your answer to the rise of digital gaming - Playstation 2: The Board Game. On launch it will include tabletop variants of such PS2 classics as Crash Bandicoot and Jet Set Radio. You also have plans for a board game based on the original PlayStation title, LittleBigPlanet.
You have never played any of these videos games and you aren't going to start now, so you decide to just rebrand your board games and slap on PS2 game names in hopes that no one will notice.
But this isn't just about you. It's about the future of video games. And who knows what the hell Sony is thinking? So you've got a lot riding on this project...
you spend a fortune on marketing and release your board game in time for the holiday season.
To your surprise it's an instant success! Kids love it! You've also managed to sneak in a few new games-- including one based off of LittleBigPlanet. This game is a huge hit!
Nintendo reaches out for you to make a game for them for Summer.  You agree and decide to start working on your breakout board game: Batman Begins.
You release your game three months ahead of time and it gets crap reviews! The thing is a broken mess that's nearly unplayable!
You are in a heated meeting with angry Nintendo execs, one of the head execs reads out your problematic list of board game rules for Batman Begins: 1. Gotham is considered "out of bounds" for all players. 2. The Jokers are the only ones allowed to visit Crime Alley. 3. When fighting Bane, Batman cannot use weapons of any kind.
It goes on and on! The Nintentdo guys start calling you out on your terrible rules.
you begin to explain that no weapons could work on Bane, it fits! But before you can finish these explanations the Nintenddo guys are already dismissing you. They start calling you nicknames and mocking you. It's clear they don't get you.
Eventually one of the Nintendo guys says the one thing that will haunt you forever:
"What kind of man are you??"
The words pierce into your soul! You lose it and begin to cry.
you leave the meeting dejected and angry. You want to make a new board game that will show all those fat cats. You start a kickstarter for a new board game. You name it  'Man'
before you know it, the game is a huge success. You rake in cash, you make more games, you get all kinds of accolades and your life is pretty good.
Life is good.
You decide to rub your fame and success in the faces of the Nintendo executives that made you feel so terrible.  Then you reveal that you have bought Nintendo and are firing all of them.
You go on to become a dictator of the video game industry. All hail Droopy!
The moral of the story: Always cry in front of angry men on principle.
You have suffered from severe emotional issues which have resulted in nervous breakdowns and hospitalization several times since then.
A dark cloud hangs over your video game development career.