EP369 #1

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You are a hungry monitor lizard living in Thailand. You walk into your local convivence store and everyone starts freaking out. You just wanted a snack but now people are recording you and telling you not to climb on everything.

A few days later, the video is posted online by some asshole who thinks he's doing you a favor. Your life as you know it is over.
you try to go to the watering hole, but all the other animals shun you cus your not cool anymore.

The next day, you get hit by a truck. The driver didn't even slow down when he saw you. Now there's no one left to tell you what to do anymore.
you crawl from the wreckage of the truck unscathed, and wreathed in flame. Citizens scream and run. They can see you are a force of nature now.
You eat the driver, his remains crackling around you as you take your next form.
A girl's laughter echoes through the woods.
The girl is the only one who can tame your beastly heart.  She feeds you some tasty morsels and you level up and gain the following powers:
You are fire.
You can regenerate any wounds you sustain in this form.
You can summon forth a column of flames and peer through them as if they were the eyes of a dragon.
You decide to follow the woman's cackling.  You come face to face with he women who reveals herself to be an ancient dragon of the east. She has come to you as an emissary of your new masters.
The woman calls them "the Serpents of Flame, their names are  Nagah and Shaitan, the Whisperer and the Schemer.
You accept and join their order.  The woman gives you your uniform: a pile of Cory's clothes. They don't fit too well and you have to tuck your arms into the sleeves.
but the uniform of the order is something you will grow into.
You receive your first mission from Nagah and Shaitan: they tell you to join the student protest about a newly contracted teacher at your school. You are to report any dissidents to the school board where they will be quietly dealt with.
you want to fit in with your new classmates so you join an after school sport,  you join the debate team and pretend to care about the school's conversation classes. You don't need to worry about your new masters any more, they will find a way of taming you as they always do.
you get to the state debate finals. You're up against your rival school, the eding team from there has had more success than you have and you are no doubt going to lose, but the moment the debate starts and your rival says something stupid, you are going to pounce.
You head the team captain of your rival team say something stupid: he claims that freedom of speach is more important than endangered species.
you hiss in lizard "you're about to be an endangered species" as you leap across the debate table and grab the rival captain by the throat and dragging him into the underbrush. You have just time to say "you'll find that our cause is just".
Your lizard bloodlusted allies grab the remaining members of the opposing team and march them off into the woods.
The moral of the story: you should be more careful what you wish for... sometimes a talking animal becomes more than just an animal. Sometimes they become more than human, and other times they become less.