EP368 #1

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summer solstice rain ... the reddening of a cheek inside Moulin Rouge."
"I think I saw that one once. It was in a movie…
> You realize you are out rouge.
"We're out of rouge."
"I don't care. We're not going in there…"
You look around.
You see poster in a nearby alley that lists the top 10 stripper names from Moulin Rouge: 1. Josephine, 2. Maeve, 3. Constance, 4. Anastasia, 5. Dalia, 6. Isis, 7. Ophelia, 8. Dolores, 9. Catherine. 10. Jane (as in a vestal virgin).
"So, uh, Maeve is at number two, and…?"
"I don't know what you're talking about."
You look again.
you go up to Jane and ask "how much for the roman holiday?"
"That is top secret information," she says. "It is not to be shared. I can not tell you."
"But it will make me feel more at home. Give me a hint."
She says, "It's Summer, so Tony's out of military school. I heard he got a great haircut."
"Oh my god. It's the hair cut."
"I'm not allowed to tell you anything else."
She begins counting your cash.
as you begin to enjoy a dance you are interrupted by Your father, Back with the milk, After 15 years. Dad says to you "You come to this club too son?"
You say "Yeah, once. Do you know the name of the roman holiday?"
You explain that the girl asked if it was Summer.
"Oh," he says.
> You take the girl to a late night French diner.
"I feel like some eggs," you say. "You game?"
"Sure. What's the occasion?"
You take her arm and lead her out of the club.
you say to the girl "them's some good eggs. Wanna work them off with me in the bathroom?"
she says "Haha! I think that's going to be a yes."
you wink at her and pull her into an alley.
You kiss her for a moment and then begin to get undressed.
You whisper into her ear as you make love, "Eggs."
she whispers back, "Eggs."
You lose yourself in each other for the rest of the night.
> You the two of you wake up in a wet alley the next morning surrounded homeless people.
You hold up a hand, stopping Jane from getting dressed. You survey the street and see a man eye you critically while two sleeping bags are noisily crowded with a family of four.
You walk over to the family of four and say, "Eggs."
The four sleeping bags look at you and begin to reach under their mattresses.
You realize that this is a blessing so rare that you may never see its equal. You say a quick thanks to each of your four benefactors and go back into the alley.
You turn to jane. She begins to blush and buttons her shirt up.
> You part ways and never see each other again.  You will always eggs.
You got an e-mail from Jane.
"Hey," she said.
You were afraid of this.
You wrote back, "So uh, how's it going?"
She only took ten minutes to respond.
"I really enjoyed last night. Can... can you meet today?"
> You make an egg-scuse not to see her.
"I've got English homework," you write back.
"Fine, meet me after that. I've got a lot of stuff to do now, but I'm going to run after school."
That felt weird.
The moral of the story: always put off a girl. It takes all the fun out of dating. You can't do this. You can't hold a relationship together by never being able to meet.