EP367 #2

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You are Billy Blopper, an agent for the CIA. You find out that there's a criminal organization that's planning on taking over the CIA. The organization is called AIPD. AIPD's founder, Jason, disguises AIPD as a Twitch.tv show. You must stop Jason and his secret agents, Tony, Jim and Cory.

- - - -

"What are you doing? I told you to get back in the car!"
you say "shut up, I need some ice cream"
"No! You can't have any! It's not safe here!"
"It's fine, it'll be okay."
> You go and buy some ice cream.
You jog into the ice cream parlor and grab two ice creams. You go back to the car and sit down.
"Alright, enjoy your treat."
you hand your partner the other ice cream and say "I got one for you too, the bite was already missing from it."
"I don't want it, you can have it!"
"No, really. You can eat it, I'll share it with you."
> You notice Jason crossing the street in front of you.
You quickly hide under the car seat.
"Yeah, sure it is."
You tail Jason and follow him to a warehouse where you see boats carrying illegal goods. You find out that Jasons' friend, Jim, is actually the head of AIPD.
Your mission was a success.
> You sneak onto Jim's sailboat and look for evidence.
You board the sailboat and go to the room where you found the large amount of drugs. You search through some of the dresser drawers and find some cash.
you run some of the drugs through a drug identification kit. The kit indicates the drug is erythrol and the website for Bill's. This is a good hit, you should have a big payday when you sell it.
You decide to break into the safe immediately.
> You hear a ticking sound inside the safe.
You hear the sound of a second ticking coming from the safe.
"That's funny."
you open the safe and you find that it's not empty. There are three vials of blood in the safe.
You read the label on the blood vial: it's a human growth hormone.
"This might explain why all the sports players at my high school are huge." you think as you pocket the vials of blood.
> You inject one of the vials of blood into yourself.
You walk out of Jim's warehouse and... Your body immediately responds. The growth hormones instantly cause your body to grow to an immense size.
Jim catches you and runs out to yell, "Get this experiment out of my warehouse!"
With your increased lung capacity you inhale and scream, "YOU CAN'T HIDE THE TRUTH OF APD!
> You huff and puff and blow Jim down.
You walk outside and find a large green building. It has "Sylph Co." written on it in bright red letters.
You walk inside and see lots of desks with people sitting at them.
You try to sneak in unnoticed, but your huge demeanor is fooling no one.  You are captured by Sylph Co guards and taken to meet with the CEO: Margo Sylph. Margo begins to talk to you, but you're still struggling with the effects of the drug.
She shows you a book that explains the IPA training program.
> You are strapped to a table and begin step one of the training program.
You enter the IPA program and begin your training. You are taken through a series of tests to measure your intelligence, reflexes, strength, agility, endurance and social skills.
You achieve the top %1 on all of your tests.  Margo is impressed, but not surprised. She starts to talk to you about a second program that she says will catapult you from being just a good agent to one of the best ever.
> You notice the following side effects from the growth hormone.
You notice that you are having breathing problems. Your lungs aren't big enough to handle the increased lung size.
You notice that your heart has been replaced with a much larger one, although it flutters a bit.
you arent sure if you're good enough for the second program so you take another vial of growth hormone and undergo the following changes:1.Grow to human height.2.Larger lungs3.Heart rate of 52bpm4.Newly grown skeletal system5.Newly grown muscular system6.Newly grown fat layer7.Newly grown Reproductive system (Micro Penis)8.Newly grown reproductive system (ovaries)
Your changes are finally done.
The moral of the story: Don't disobey the main criminal when your on Drugs.
You find out that you are also pregnant and giving birth.  You look at the baby and notice that it has a bunch of different animal parts and it looks kinda cute.
You name the kidt "Eternal Loves Me" because you think it's precious and can't think of anything else.