EP366 #2

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You are Luke, you are having a drink in a pub in Ireland. You hear some people talking about the strange things that happen in the forest near the city, it is said that there lives a man who writes stories about imaginary creatures and then they escape from his books to roam the forest. This catches your curiosity, so you decide to go to the forest to investigate if it's true.	"‘"What do you think?"
"It sounds like something out of a fairy tale! I mean what would an imaginary creature want with us?!
You knock on a cabin in the forest and are greeted by Seamus Krinklepage, magical author. He smiles at you and tells you that he can tell you more about this story, but only after dinner.

The next day you travel to the forest where Seamus has told him all about it.
You say, "Hey, I see a pile of clothes that belong to Cory." but then you notice them start to move.  These is no normal pile of clothes, it is a magical Cory clothes creature. It's not just there are there at least three more, and they are coming straight for you.
the packs of Cory's clothes come together to form a clothes golem and charges at you.
"They are coming out of the clothes!" you say in fear.
"Get out of here!" Seamus yells and runs out the other side of the cabin, leaving you alone to fight the golems.
> You open the nearest book, and a creature emerges to fight the golem.
You quickly grab the book it belongs to and turn to the page with the instructions.
You read aloud, "The embodiment of a twisted gene that can't be tamed. A Zeeck."
The instructions tell you to apply a specific plant to the golem and after 10 seconds, cover it with a sticky substance.
> You douse the golem with a bottle of clum.
You carefully release the bottle as it unleashes a mist of clum over the golem. It sticks to the golem and within seconds all the color drains from it.
the golem slowly hardens until it shatters with a single touch.
"Thanks, humans. Glad to see that you're safe," Seamus smiles.
He puts the remaining four books inside his cabin and goes to the outhouse.
You see Seamus leave the outhouse, and then you notice he his hiding something.  You knock the item out of his hands and see that it is  a book.
'It's the first book I wrote," Seamus says as you pick up the book.
You read the title and it is called, "Gargoyles in the Night.
The book is covered in fresh lemon rind and the pages have strange words in an unknown language as well as complex formulas. You decide to grab it and follow Seamus home to investigate it.
as you walk to the house you read aloud a passage from the book "klaaatuuur rrrggffsss ......... slaana vvrrrrrpppp.........."
"A language of gargoyles. It's a gift for you.
You level up and gain the following gargoyle reading knowledge powers: Translate, Hatch, Screech.
You arrive at the house and you see another book on the floor. You pick it up and decide to investigate it.
You use your translate power to read the book.
A few hours later, during dinner.
"I can't believe I kept these things all these years. Why would I need them?"
> You marie Kondo Seamus' house.
"Seamus, I think there is a ghost in my house," you say.
"I doubt it," he says. "The only ghosts in this forest are the ones you're seeing."
> You say "Are you ghost?"
"Ha ha! " he laughs. "I'd never be able to scare anyone with this old thing."
He reaches under his bed and pulls out a wooden box.
you look into the wooden box as Seamus opens it and you can't believe what you see, a  hand, a foot and half a corpse.
"Woah," you say.
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Seamus explains that the body parts belong to a witch that he found in the forest. She was cooking them in a pot over an open fire when he surprised her.
you eat one of the fingers off the hand and gain the following power: cook witch's finger
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The moral of the story: The was a witch in the forest. 
Contemplate life.