EP365 #2

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You are a children's show star named Ringo the space frog, You have a show allowing you to search for a host to do science fiction films with, But one day, You found your show canceled due to a attack with cupcake-eating aliens, You must save the galaxy and protect your show!

The game is very simple: You have to find hosts that will do sci-fi movies.
you hold auditions for show hosts. you get audition tapes from the following 10 sci-fi actors:1.Lena 2.Dirk 3.Flameflower 4.Dr.Zoidberg 5.Chris-Chan 6.Futureman 7.Eliza 8.Nurse Nine 9.Warrick 10.
Paul the Astro Rabbit Macartney.
You have been doing your show for three years
You go on and on looking for hosts, Until one day you find unexpected help from a unexpected place.
You see Paul the Astro Rabbit Macartney at a late night dinner sipping on a cup of carrot juice.  Paul offers to be your host, but he has one condition: You have to save him from future outlaw space pirates.
You jump on the chance, but this all seems a little to easy...Your journey is about to begin with YOU in roll of Captain!
you patrol the space lanes looking for outlaw space pirates and varmints.
You find out that other than outlaw space pirates there isn't much else out here.
One day on your trip you come upon a crashed space ship, It looks like it has come from the future!
> You hear an sos signal coming from the ship.
You go over to the ship and see the words "S.O.S..." on the front, You decide to check it out.
You look inside the ship and are shocked to see a half eaten dead body of a rabbit, Apparently the rabbit was eating some chips and a big mug of beer, You see the rabbits stomach has been torn open wide open.
> You notice cupcake wrappers all over the floor.
You open the cupcak wrappers and notice a strange rabbit writing on a postcard, You read it out loud. "If you want to find out who ate Paul the rabbit, Check RvB wiki"
Well that was odd... Did some other creatures really eat paul the rabbit?
you hear a strange growling sound coming from deeper in the ship.
You walk to the source of the sound and are suprised to find... A MIGHTY SHREK!?
He has a cage over his head and two large chains attached to it.
> You plead with Shrek "who did this to you?!!?"
Shrek growls at you.
"Please Mr. Shrek, I just want to know who ate your rabbit..."
Shrek continues to stand there with a mean face and his eyes filled with rage.
Shrek rips the chains out of the wall and charges at you.
You run in terror as Shrek tries to escape from what seems to be a very cramped space, 5 CM bigger and this wouldn't happen...
Shrek throws the cage off his head an is in hot pursuit.
> You speak in sign language to Shrek and he calms down.
Shrek stops chasing and looks at you confused, You quickly try to tell him who you are and that he isn't in danger.
Then you pull out your giant fucking tazer and go right for his balls.
Shreks face makes a mixture of sorrow and intense pain as he falls to the ground, Fortunately for you Shrek is so large that he is still very caged in, You pull out a pen and paper and ask him the burning question:
"Shrek, what happened to paul the rabbit?"
Shrek looks at you and begins to tear up. He writes his reply on a piece of paper.
Shrek tells you that he accidentally ate half of Paul the Rabbit.  To get Shrek to calm down, you reveal your troubled past.
You were once a happy bunny in the magical kingdom of OZ.
There you were playing with your friends one afternoon: Toto the dummy, Scarecrow, the Munchkin witch and a cute girl bunny.
Shrek is moved by your story and decides to help you get back home.
You go back to the ship and prepare to set course for OZ.
Shreek smashes the ignition key, This seems to work with his chains as a makeshift lockpick.
> You reach Oz in less than 12 parsecs.
You have made it to OZ before even being asked. You see a tower and a famous wizard in the distance.
"I must find the wizard and ask for a travel spell to get me home!"
You approach the wizard, a giant floating head in a jar, and ask to go home.
"I'm sorry but I am unable to help you for i have lost my powers."
Great, now what are you going to do?
Shrek comes up with an idea.
He says that there is a high wizard who lives at the top of a castle on the edge of Oz. "We must get the wizard to help you, "says Shrek.
> You ask Shrek to co-host your tv show.
Shrek is reluctant at first, but agrees in exchange for a ride back to the ship.
You and Shrek take a small elevator to the top of the wizard's airship.
You reach the top and see that home is where you make it and when you turn around Shrek gets on one knee and proposes to you.
"Will you marry me?"
Tears come to your eyes, this is the happiest moment of your life.
"Yes! Yes!" You exclaim.
The moral of the story: shrek is love, shrek is life.