EP365 #1

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You are SureWhyNot, a mysterious man of many puns. It's Wednesday, but you have forgotten to submit a prompt! A pair of AIPD agents arrive at your door to take you downtown. You tell them you don't want to go, so they suggest that you just stay home and play video games instead.

It is the perfect day for a game of "What Would Sherlock Do?"
you get to the final level of "What Would Sherlock Do?" and face the final boss, the infamous _____. The game begins with you in an alleyway, surrounded by three thugs who are holding up a drugstore.
> You say "I thought this was a drugstore, not a thugstore!"
You command _____ to give you all the money in the register. _____ complies, and you take off with your prize. A car pulls up beside you and two men step out.
You level up and gain the following thug powers: Teamwork, Lying, Unholstering
These men are FBI agents, and you've been chosen by the U.S. government to rid the streets of _____ once and for all.
> You demand a meeting with.
After being escorted to a private room at the FBI office, you're informed that you'll be meeting with
You sit down and are immediately interrogated by Agent _____ about your criminal past, your knowledge of the criminal underworld,
He lists your top three crime bosses, your views on their alleged power, and your thoughts on how they will respond to the arrest of _____.
He finishes with a question that has been on everyone's minds since the arrest: _____'s sexual habits.
He releases you with an apology and begins preparations for another undercover mission.
The supervisor calls you a hero and puts you on paid leave until another case comes along.
You suspect that _____ is a mole and trying to destroy the department from within.  You get your new mission, but you keep a close on _____.
The next time _____ comes in for questioning, you're there. After being verbally abused by _____, you give him a beating that would make James T. _____ proud.
you realize that the problem isn't one mole. Everyone is a mole...and they must be stopped.
You approach the _____, warn him to back off, and demand that he tell you who exactly sent him.
The _____ complies, quickly naming the top echelons of the FBI and the D.A.'s office.
Then he grabs a red vial of poison and gulps it down.
At the funeral, everyone from your supervisor to the lowliest intern has been infiltrated by _____ loyalists.
You decide this is the perfect opportunity to gain intel and you plant a listening device on _____'s corpse.
You You are handed a martini and escorted into a posh room with chesterfields, crystal tumblers, and an old-timey gramophone in the corner.
You take a bite of a moldy Breadstick that Jason has taken a bite out of and are greeted by Prop Joe, leader of the _____ loyalists.
You ask about _____, and he mumbles out some racist remarks before explaining that _____ was sent to do a favor for the FBI. You
Someone calling himself "the omniscient narrator" tells you that the only way to stop _____ is to break up the _____. Their hazelnut shells reveal nothing, and you're left with only one option.
> You infiltrate _____.
You knock over a _____ officer and ask where you can find a _____. You're directed to the bowling alley, which is filled with them.
You have day at the bowling alley and realize to yourself, "If you can't beat em', bow em!"
You approach the manager and accuse a _____ of cheating. The entire team is arrested, and other teams finish the NBA lockout before it even starts.
The moral of the story:? Nobody cheats better than a cheater.
Four years of high school Spanish prove useful when you join the _____, learning from their native _____ members just as they learn from you. Your team of U.