EP364 #2

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You are KyrilGrey, hacking into the FBI's databases. You have to bring down four firewalls. You are currently opening your hijacking terminal.

"Damn it! I need a password!" you say as you try and remember what the last one was.
> You enter the password b00bs.
"B00BS!" you type in the password. The screen flashes red for a moment, then turns green.
The computer asks for a voice password. You say, "69CLUM420.'
You get another warning screen, this time with a little picture of a man with a plug in his mouth. You quickly click ok and get to the desktop.
'What should I try first?
You say, "Computer, tell me everything you know about AIPD."
The computer spent an eternity humming as it gathered data. After a few minutes, it said, "Do you want the long or the short version?"
"The AIPD is a privately owned company that was founded in 1888. It has satellite offices all over the world and has been suspected of illegal dealings and organ smuggling."
You attempt to crack the third firewall.  The password is needed to be able to read more files..
'Hmm... what could the password be?
You have these options:
B00BS - Your password for the database, which you already used.
PASSWORD - The password of the person you replaced.
SNAKE - A password you found in Big Bear's email.
'Hmm... what can I get away with?
you type SNAKE
The file loads on the screen. You find out that the AIPD is a private company owned by the, now dead, Big Bear. They hire retired agents to perform special operations for high-paying clients.
You break the fourth firewall by looking up and staring right into the camera and saying, "Boy it sounds like these AIPD boys are a force to be reckoned with." and wink.
The computer grants you access to the files of its employees, like case reports and their personal info.
you dox the homes of the AIPD boys.
The file loads up a bunch of information, but two names stand out to you in particular. Deputy Director Foster and Special Agent G. Olian.
You say, "dir" to look up information on Foster. You find out his name, his phone number, his address, his social security number, his birthday, and more.
"What else can I do with this file?"
You look in the folder and see a Wanted Poster with a picture of Jason, the Fake Owner of AIPD with a reward of $3 billion.
'$3 billion? I must really have gotten into some Chernaobyl shit.
You plug in your USB and download all the evidence you need to take down AIPD.  Then you catch a flight to Chernaobyl.
You arrive at Chernaobyl and immediately buy yourself a brand new sports car and get a hotel room for the night. You rest easy, knowing you can't be caught.
> You are caught.
You groan in pain as you wake up. You feel like shit, probably because you haven't eaten at all in days. To catch what you assume is plague, you had to lick a bunch of homeless people.
You are finally greeted by Deputy Director Foster and Special Agent G. Olian that show you something that shocks you to your core: Your file. Foster says how the F.B.I was able to recover your USB, and how every- since then, you have been targeted. They show you a wanted sign too.
> You say "This goes all the way to the top."
You get hauled away in an F.B.I vehicle. You are in a state of disbelief.
as you are about to arrive at the airport, the F.B.I vehicle is run off the road by a military APC. You are all taken hostage by what appears to be an American businessman who works for a group of businesses called D.O.P.
You recognize this man from the files, it is none other than Jason.
He greets you and tells you to relax. You are escorted by the F.B.I agents into a small room where Foster yells at you.
"What did you do??"
You ask, "Who is the D.O.P.?  What does it stand for?"
Foster answers, "I can't tell you that. We are taking you to an underground F.B.I base now. We think they will kill or torture you."
You reply,
"Wait a second... D.O.P., that stands for-"
Olian explains, "Don't bother guessing, you won't get it right anyway."
"Correct, but I am going to tell you what it means." Foster grins smugly.
You say, "ughhhh...."
The car stops.
Foster says, "Here."
Uncuffed from the chair, but still in restraints, you exit the vehicle with all five F.B.I agents as well as Olian and Foster.
One of the F.B.I agents steps forward and says, "This way sirs."
You read the sign on the building:
D.O.P. headquarters. You all enter the building. A guard behind a desk calls for Foster, who you notice is recognized.
The guard says, "Hello Foster."
you manage to wrestle the guards gun from him and take him hostage. You yell "SOMEONE BETTER TELL ME WHAT D.O.P STANDS FOR NOW!"
Foster says, "Death Of Pizza."
You release the guard, who runs off. You stand alone with your kidnapers in an atrium and see there is no way out except a security desk...
The moral of the story: some secret organizations are made blatantly obvious.