EP363 #3

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You are Martian Manhunter, a superhero who has been nominated for the worst dressed member of the Justice League award. You ask, "What's wrong with my outfit?" Batman says, "Your costume is a pair of blue shorts and a cape." You reply, "Yeah, but I look good." Batman and Superman roll their eyes.

The next day you get to go on a mission that involves fighting some supervillains. The first one you fight is called the Joker.
You find the Joker and to your surprise he is already in handcuffs ready to be taken to jail.  You reveal your troubled past to him as you escort him to Arkham. He responds by laughing at you while tying your hands behind your back. He tells you, "I'm going to make you feel like an animal tonight."
you phase out of the handcuffs and shackle Jokers legs together. You give him a wedgie. As you escort him to be mentally evaluated at the asylum, he continues to insult your secret identity as a weakness.
> You reveal your secret identity as you lean in for a kiss.
You lean in and plant one on the Joker as you say out loud, "I am truly Iron man. I own a ring that gives me these powers." The Joker gives an evil laugh and says,
"Mr. Manhunter, I bet you $20 you can't phase out of this reality and never come back." Manhunter teleports out of reality while the Joker gloats in your defeat. You'll never see him again. You've failed this city.
A post-apocalyptic landscape is ahead of you.
you check in on Earth a Millenia later and find only a burnt out wasteland. Even your heart has atrophied.
You look back to your side and see the dying body of your best friend who sacrificed himself to give you safe passage.
You best friend is none other than famous superhero 
Lt. Dan "Reboot" Dreiberg "Nite Owl" from the Watchmen.
You were dead the moment you entered this reality. Welcome to Earth Prime.
You look into the sky and see your arch nemesis:
His name is Morri, and he has the power to decay anything he touches.
Who knew that one day, after his army had conquered this world; a rebel force of Martians would overthrow him?
You look behind and see an army of your fellow Martians ready to help you defeat Morri.  
The battle ahead of you shall be a large one, but at this moment you experience the 1,000th instance in which you have died.
The first time you died it was during the Killing Joke.
> You invent a new superpower to defeat Morris!
Once you logged onto facebook you realized that you had a talent that the world didn't know about. The ability to touch things and make them disappear.
Now, you've been given this earth to do as you wish.
its at this moment you realize you are standing on the Earth and "POOF". Eartho Disappearo!
Morri is left standing on an Earth-shaped air void.
You see Morri floating in space with his jaw open as he is shocked with what you have just done.
"You'll come back. Everyone comes back here."
"Who knows? I just destroyed earth. Maybe I'll stay here this time."
Morri tricks you into staying where the Earth used to be as he invades Mars. Losing all communication with the outside world makes people believe Mars is at war. It's just you and the odd peaceful tribe of tribals living on the planet.
The moral of the story: Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.
You've saved the world. Now you get to live on it!