EP361 #3

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Fortune in the rain
Setting sun never migrates
Fearing of fire, you stand still.
The rain falls down on your head and the wind blows through your hair. You are standing by a river with a small wooden bridge across it.
> You look at the bridge to see if it is troubled.
You can't believe that you have not seen this before! The bridge is made of wood, but there's no railing or anything around it.
> You make your way into the bridge as it rains harder.
What in the world is the point of a bridge without a railing? This place was suppose to protect you from these bad things.
You walk across the bridge and make your way to the other side.
You reach the other side and enter the land of Terabithia.  You are immediately hailed by Bridge Confidence, Professional Heckler.
"Ahoy, land lover!" he shouts. "Welcome, wet, to Terabithia!" he says, waving.
You take off your sopping wet coat and hand it to him.
You leads you into the nearby tavern, where, after being served a hot bowl of stew and a warm loaf of bread, you settle down to see the sights and sounds of the Kingdom.
You look around the tavern and see Cory, a guy who has decided to adopt his friend, Jim. You hear there used to be a girl in his family, but she left to get married and now he's replaced her with Jim. There are two other people you see. One you recognize as the school-bus driver.
you overhear Cory say to Jim "you're gonna be my new wife." The other man, whose name escapes you, says "So, kid. You like beans? I got a whole lot of them at my plot... I'll give you some, if, well, you know."
You do a double take and ask the bus driver, "hey aren't you the stupid school bus driver that got me kicked out of harvard?"
This man, who is drinking from a jar that you think bears a striking resemblance to one containing embalming fluid, looks up at you and says "I don't want to talk about it."
> You pull out a newspaper clipping proving you are correct.
The man screams in agony and jumps up and down clutching his head. "I'm ruined! Ruined!" he screams.
you see Jim, wearing a flower-print dress, come over to the bus driver and try to calm him down.
You ask Cory if it is OK to ask the bus driver about his jar.
He says "sure, but I don't think he'll tell you anything"
You walk over to the bus driver, rip the jar out of his hands, and take a sip.  You recoil in shock and realize the jar is filled with:
"White lightning? You're drinking rubbing alcohol?"
He says "Not rubbing alcohol! It's for external use only!"
The man is clearly mad. You give back the jar and run over to Jim.
> You see Jim has a handful of fresh beans.
"These are fresh." Jim says to you, offering you the bag. "Do you want some?"
You stare longingly at the bag of fresh beans.
> You give in to temptation and reveal your troubled past while shoving baked beans into your fat mouth.
You take the bag of beans, a frying pan, a few slices of bread and the newspaper clipping that confirms you were a genius. You sit down to eat.
You hear the tavern keeper tell everyone it's closing time, so you grab bag of beans and head back to the bridge. You sit down to eat your dinner, and feel a weight lifted off of your shoulders.
You can't believe you got addicted to baked beans after only one day!
you become a strawberry for a local bean dealer. you decide it's time to grow up and give away your toys, leaving the tattered cloth bear lying on the ground. Later, you become a fan of another book. If you're interested, try 'The Giver' by Louis Lowry. It's much better than the first.
More stuff here when I have time.
The moral of the story: nothing is more addictive than baked beans.