EP361 #1

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You are Papa John.
You survived the reckoning.
The world needs you back.
And so begins your journey as a pizza delivery boy...

This is my first fanfic, and I hope it's good enough to satisfy some of the urges that this story has brought up in me.
You describe your urges in more detail.  You have no idea what they mean.
I'll try to explain them better if you're interested.
Your urges come from deep within yourself, like an animal that has been kept in captivity for too long.
you arrive to work late and your boss, grandpapa John, yells at you "Zat man, zis iz bad! ve only 'ave one car for you to use vhich means you mus' von't run irzher customers!" "I'm sorry
You see your Aunt John, the giraffe slayer, is visiting and she hands you hating birthdays and Loving Butter" a Memoir by Jason. She hands you a rather large order and says "Buddy these are two mother sauces, two pain recipes, and four Cajun recipes." she smiles at you.
"I'm great now"
Grandpapa John drops an order on the table and says "YOU GOTTA DELIVERY JOHN!" you grab it and head outside where you notice a  newspaper ad for AIPD's pizzeria. They hire anybody, even Twitch streamers, to bake and deliver pizzas.
you begin to sweat profusely and experience an out of body experience. You walk into the middle of the road and watch the world around you with awe and amazement.
You yell into the sky while cars honk at you, "I don't even care anymore just put all that shit on my pizza!"  
You enter a vegetative state and shortly after that, you die.
Grandpapa John tells a eulogy at your funeral and starts by saying, "Pizza pasta put it in the box, deliver to my house and put in on my..." you wake up.
You realize it was all just a terrible nightmare.
> You smell your house on fire.
It was all too real. If it weren't for the smoke alarm, you would have been burned beyond recognition. Thankfully, you are able to escape, run outside and breathe the fresh air from a far distance.
then you remember that Grandpapa John is a heavy sleeper.
You run back into the house awaking greater than you ever had. You are able to pull a barely conscious old man out of the fire. You cough and wheeze realizing the smoke has damaged your lungs greatly.
as the house collapses you remember Aunt John's words: "Don't worry about me, I've lived a life twice as long as the average woman. It was all I could have dreamed for"
You create a new pizza in honor of this incident and call it: The Fire Guy. It has two kinds of meat, jalapenos, and everything else on it. You decide to donate all the profits to burn units in local hosptals.
> You the Fire Guy wins the Pizza of The Year Award.
It was a good year of Pizza, but, you're on your deathbed now and the business is still going strong despite your condition.
> You give your final speech through your damaged lungs.
"Today, 3rd of July 20-..." your vocal cords are damaged so it comes out as a mere whisper.
"Today..." you repeat and delay "...is a lovely day..."

You've done it!
you collapse to the ground and are met by  Vincenzo, a master on the Pizzamancy order, with an invitation to the order. "sleep now Pizza Papa. you shall become great."
You accept his offer and fall into a dreamless sleep. What awaits you in the afterlife?
Only the Silence knows...
Thank you for playing 3edgy!
The moral of the story: Dreams can come true, just don't get shot an survive.
Get out of here, I have to go touch myself while eating Nachos.