EP355 #3

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The grave hill suffers
the air embraces sadness,
ghosts cry far away.

And the mountain is covered with snow,

the sky is blue and there are no clouds.

I am the wind that blows through your hair,

and I can't be stopped.
I carry your lost loves voice.

You say you want to go home,

but it's not really true.

The sun shines brightly on the mountain top, and a light breeze blows across the earth.
fluttering through the air is Am urgent letter from AIPD's founder Jason Delacruz to you,

" Myopia is not a disease, it is a way of life !"
You float your way to Jason's home.  You see him sitting on the porch asleep on a swinging bench.  You posses him.
You swing the bench back and forth gently, and wake him.
"Zee, it's you! Finally, you woke up!"
you only have control over the left half of Jason as you try to drive his car to work.
"Hold on let me turn the car on."
You yell out the window
"She left a letter for me, I don't even know what's happening."
> You ask Jesus to take the wheel.
You can't even move your head, as the left part of your body has seized up. You are a drooling cripple and have to act fast, because well you have 3 minutes left to live.
you want to fill these final minutes with pure excitement and adrenaline so you go to the zoo.
That's right, you head towards the zoo hoping that your body is too tired to focus on its muscles, let alone focus on talking.
You reach your favorite exhibit at the zoo: The Penguins.  You sing a song and receive a copyright strike for Jason.
This is followed by a hit and run as your body has now completely seized up. You have only been able to blink your eyes once in these last two hours.
you blink out the beat to "Don't Stop Me Now" and are arrested for repeated copyright violation.
And with that last thought, your brain surrenders to a coma and you perish from this world.
20 years pass and you wake up from your coma. You find yourself in a paradise exactly like the one you entered into. There you find your mother and father, alongside hundreds of millions of more people that have also been comatose.
You tell your parents what you've always wanted to say to them:
"Mom, Dad. I'll never stop chasing my dreams."
…But for all intents and purposes you have.
you dream a new dream, bigger and better than any other dream you've ever dreamt: A dream of a world where people realize that this isn't an ailment and there is no cure. Where doctors see people as human beings with dreams and goals, rather than numbers and deficits.
you are reincarnated as a tree, for your tireless efforts to help all the woodwind players of the world.
you are chopped down and turned into a thousand reeds. Every single reed that is pressurized will have a piece of you acting as its vented valve.
You posses the entire London Philharmonic and play your favorite song: Life is Beautiful.
No, really. That song is horrible and completely impossible to play with wooden instruments.
The moral of the story: Stop pressuring people into conforming. And if you're taking tuba, my apologies.