EP354 #4

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You are Jim, a guy who is watching a livestream he doesn't like. You write an angry review and send several hate comments to the show without checking to see what the show is called. Eventually, you realize that the show is called AIPD. You criticized the show that you're a part of! Plus you sent hate comments to your friend, Jason.

A week later, you get a message from him. He says he's been banned from the show for his actions on your review.
> You meet with Jason, Cory and Tony to try and Jason his job back.
It takes you a few days to contact Jason, but eventually you do. You explain everything to him and he agrees that it was stupid of him to post your review.
You say, "No harm, no foul, want to get a friendship burrito?" and he agrees.
There's a local burrito joint with surprisingly good food. The four of you meet there. You order chips and guacamole and all four of you split a $2.50 steak burrito.
When you get to the end of the meal, the bill comes to $4.35. You open your wallet to pay and find that you only have $1.35 cents.
you offer to sell your ass for $3.00 as you slap it. No one takes you up on that deal
"We match our stupid review with another stupid way to pay. Fuck it, I'll pay for it." says Jason
Cory says, "I'll cover you" and hands him a crumpled bill, which he examines. "Hey, this is a one."
"It's from 1933", says Cory by way of explanation.
The three of you decide to let Jason back on the show.
"We should commemorate this occasion with a selfie!" says Cory.
"What year is it?" says Jim, confused.
"Don't worry about it."
You take a selfie with the group, but when you look at the photo you notice an apparition.  You turn around and see a woman with spectacles and a lab coat, simply standing there.
> You hire a ghostbuster to find out who the woman in the picture is.
Later, you're hanging out with your buddies when a guy shows up wearing a white tank top and a baseball hat turned around backward. "Who the fuck are you?" says one of your friends.
You recognize the man is actually Dan Aykroyd in a Tapout t-shirt. "I'm a Ghostbuster," he says, "I've come to bust your ghost."
The three of you look at him and then at each other. What's going on today?
you notice Dan looks thirsty, so you offer him Vodka in a normal container.
He looks at you with disgust and says, "No, man. I think you have the wrong idea! I'm here to bust your ghost! The one in your picture!"
You nod and take Dan to the burrito stand and point out the woman in the lab coat that is still standing there.  She eerily has not moved an inch and is staring at nothing until you approach.
You, your friends, and Dan stare at her until she blinks, quickly.
"So what?" says your friend.
"Somebody call the police!" says Dan in an obviously fake spooky voice
Suddenly the woman explodes into a ghostly tyrant that floats and appears to be 20 ft tall.  The burrito stand employees yell, "She's ectoplasm all over the burritos!" and run away.
You and friends begin to beat the ghost but are no match for it. It eats you then shit's out your bones in the toilet.
The moral of the story: ghosts don't give a shit.