EP354 #2

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You are Cory Jeldman, a man whose name causes orgasms.  After the Success of your character on the hit Twitch Stream called "AIPD", you are offered a TV deal.  You Decide to name your TV show: "How to choose a name that causes Instant Female Orgasm".  On your first episode, your guests are: Tony, Cory (Not Jeldman), Jason and Jim.  Jim's not in the studio, due to being in Thailand, but he's there on a Live video feed. He asks what your show is about.

"It's all about how to pick a name that causes an orgasm."

The three of you have a great time. The next day, you start getting emails from fans. People want to be on your show! They send you their names, they say they'll do it for free...

Tony starts laughing uncontrollably, and then starts crying. The rest of the cast joins him in tears as well.
Ole' Love McStuffin' your co-host kicks off the show.
Tonight's cast features a good friend of yours, as well as an Internation Star!
That star is none other than famous Hollywood elite: Ben Stiller! You're trying to organize it so that Ben is joined in the studio by some funny people. Ben gets a call on his cell phone during the announcement, and skips out of the room.
> You follow Ben out of the room and ask what's going on.
You approach him as he gets off the phone and scares him with a "BOOO." He seems shocked that you did that, but laughs it off.
You tell him to look down and he is shocked to see that you have made him explode in his pants. I mean, he looks genuinely shocked, not like the kind of shock a person might have who just saw a funny prank. I mean, to be honest, his expression is kind of scary.
You give Ben a steam code of the hentai game "dude stfu" and he returns to the show not as himself but as  Gaylord Focker, male nurse, his character from the movie "Meet the Fockers".
This is a reference to the joke in the show, a movie about Ben Stiller and Robert Deniro attending a family reunion and being embarrassed by their odd relatives.
The studio audience is visibly confused, but you continue the show and immediately move onto the next segment where you pull one of the AIPD hosts, Jason, to the stage and teach him the secret of Instant Female Orgasming.
Last on the show is your friend Cory Jeldman. He does his intro, and you have gotten him to say that he has an irrational fear of feet.
> You bring your next guest, the man with the world's largest feet.
The man graces the stage with his presence and shakes everyones hand.
Cory charges the man and hits him over the head with a polygraph machine. Nobody on the panel speaks, and they all begin crying. The man runs off shouting about how someone broke his vase.
"That was fucking incredible!"
Cory is hailed as a hero.  The audience begins to chant and clap.
"Conscience!" "Conscience!" "CONSCIENCE!"
"I was actually here for the first episode."
You have found the recipe for success for daytime television.  The next show you stage a big fight and the crowd continues to chant "Conscience!" over and over.  You have struck the motherload. You have managed to captivate a large audience with... an insignificant bullshit story.
Ben Stiller asks you to introduce him to Cory.  You do so, and Ben cracks a joke. Cory's face lights up in happiness.
"You're my hero."
You give Ben Stiller Cory's clothes which were dropped off by the mob. He hands you a steam code for the h-game "Morning Glory".
You bring out the big foot man to kick Ben Stiller's ass and the crowd goes wild.  You win a daytime emmy.
You have done it, you have changed daytime T.V forever. People must be pissed.
You pause and look into the camera to give a minute to talk about your lord jesus mcgee man. Today, you get sentenced to hard labor mines for life for breaking North Korea's Beyonce, Park Min-Young's jaw.
You start a daytime television from the hard labor mines. You get several ideas from hit shows you have created in the future. Unfortunately, nobody cares and you're forced to do hard labor.
The moral of the story: be careful with what you do. You could be mining all day long.