EP354 #1

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You are Tony, a guy who wants some pet elephants. A mob boss tells you that he can give you three elephants if you give him three people. You kidnap your friends, Jason, Jim and Cory, and give them to the mob boss in exchange for the elephants. The rest of the story is just as bizarre...

This book has many twists and turns, but it's all very well done. I think this could be a good read for kids or adults.
It all began that faithful day on a safari in the jungle.  You went off the tour path and got lost and that's when you ran into Poacher Pete. He was hunting wild boar, so he let you stay with him until the next morning. When you woke up, you were hungry and thirsty so Pete gave you some food and water.
> You say "What kind of food is this?"
Knowing that it was just some meat that the poachers killed, you stuffed the bread in your pocket and ate the meat. You were disgusted with it because it was "smoked muskrat".
> You find Pete also poached the bread.
As you waited for the sun to come up, you passed the time by talking with the old man. He was very talkative and told you many boring stories about when he was young.
> You ride your elephants deeper into the jungle to get away from the old man.
The sun coming up, the old man packs everything up. You eat your bread, and he prepares the trained elephants for your journey back to the village.
You say, "I wish I could take these elephants home with me." and that is when Poacher Pete makes you a deal. He says that if you can make it back to your village by nightfall, you can take the baby elephants with you! He says there are miles and miles of grassy plains to cross before you get back.
You sing heavy metal to the elephants to run faster and get back to the village in time.  If you do get back in time, then you have beaten the challenge and can take the baby elephannts home with you.
You just barely make it, but you have beaten the challenge!  The baby elephants are yours!  Now you just need to get them home.
But, this is not where the story ends... You have to figure out how many miles away you are from your village. Can you figure it out?
You enter your location into Google Maps.  You see that your village is 1600 miles away. From this, you must conclude that you are in the region of Northern China, and Northern China only produces gold.
You start the long journey to get home to your village.  You try to buy passage on a nearby cargo ship, but you quickly find out the ports are run by the mob. They demand you have $1 million to board the island.
You offer instead to human traffic your friends for safe passage of the baby elephants.  Big Two Finger Mickey thinks about it for a while, but accepts your offer. You are to deliver 70 people, for which you will be paid 1.8 million dollars.
Only 20 people in your surrounding area fit the criteria. Who will you traffic first?
You rent a shipping container and invite people to come inside.  Who will you invite in first?
You can only fit 5 people inside the container. Who will it be?
After boarding the container, you begin the long journey to Northern China.
You use your bag of human trafficking dice to determine the order of people that make the journey to Big Two Finger Mickey's hideout.
When you arrive, Big Two finger mickky asks for his money, showing once again his lack of trust. You give him 2 million, but he informs you that the total was 1.8.
Big Two Finger Mickey berates you for not having exact change.  You hand over another million to him, and he lets you go.
You beat the story! You learned many life lessons along the way, and now have 2 baby elephants.
The lesson of the story: Trust no one.
Was your final outcome different? Post it below in the comments section and we'll compare our endings!