EP352 #1

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Hammy the hamster
traveling to the arctic.
What he will find there?
You'll be surprised.
A few months pass and you get a letter from your Uncle Ed.
> You your uncle, who disappeared years ago, tells you he has been living in the Arctic Circle.
Your uncle Ed is not what he once was. He lost his wife and son when they were both killed by some Eskimos. His daughter died of starvation as well.
You run into Tony, an Artic Explorer who is doing an experiment where you have sex outside in the middle of the North Pole. You are persuaded to join after promising to let him sleep with his wife after.
Lieutenant Peary says he has found a meteor chunk that is soft and malleable.
Tony begins a sex experiment with the meteor.
You and your wife have sex, birthing a new-ish human.
Just as planned.
You decide to incorporate a new town here in the artic and call it "Sex North Pole". The success is great, and you have lots of fun doing it.
You then begin to focus on a new girl named Ingrid, a worker at YOUWNEO (a walrus club).
You get drunk at the walrus club and begin kissing Ingrid.
You later do find out that you have a son with Ingrid.
Your wife from the town of Fairbanks is furious.
> You introduce Ingrid to your wife, and reveal your troubled past to them.
Ingrid, it turns out is a budding photographer. She introduces herself to your wife and immediately grows fond of her.
Seeing as how this relationship is beneficial to your family, you allow it to persist.
You become increasingly worried that your wife is going to leave you and start a relationship with Ingrid.  You go to your Uncle Ed, who is drinking heavily at the Walrus Club, for advice.
Uncle Ed tells you that your daughter is leaving for college soon, and recommends that you take the opportunity to murder your wife.
> You begin to suspect that Uncle Ed killed his wife and kids.
Uncle Ed is certainly guilty of something with his visits to the arctic and his shady past.
Your wife yells at you for coming home late from the bar while your newborn son is crying.
Ingrid is on the kitchen floor chopping onions.
You become increasingly paranoid, knowing soon, one of three things will happen: You ruin your family.
You head down to the club, where you see a familiar man sitting at the end of the bar. You sit down next to him and order a beer.
"Hey son," he says,
You realize the man is your estranged father. He tells he ruined the family by doing the following three things:  He made friends with a bum, didn't pay attention to his kids, and made an imaginary friend.
"I did the first two things when I was your age," he says, "But I'm taking responsibility."
> You and your father both see a woman at the end of the bar and decide to seduce her.
"We're men," he says, "And men have needs. Let's go."
He begins walking towards the woman's friend and takes you with him.
The moral of the story: We shouldn't give in to human weakness.
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