EP351 #2

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You are Robocop, a cybernetic police officer whose primary goal is keeping the streets safe. You are tasked with inspecting the new AIPD, a unique branch of officers assisted GPT-3 Dragon, birthed the internet's most chaotic data. Fearing the worst, you enter the building and find it in a state of disrepair. The computers have been hacked, and your eyes are being used to control them.
You are frozen in place and in walks the secret boss of AIPD, a mafia boss by the name of "Giorno Giovanna". He introduces himself as well, but his tone is one of fear. His face has been severely burned during an earlier fight and he carries a large scar across his face.
Giorno hands you a T-shirt saying "my name is Jason, and I'm a popcorn butter addict".  You are confused, but you put it on anyway.
You immediately hear a voice in your mind that isn't your own "hey man, I'm the Goddamned Narrator. I can read your mind, it's pretty sweet!".
A window breaks and swinging into the room is none other than Earl Grey Hot, A tea themed superhero.  You say, "Fuck off!" Then you realize who it is and do a mental facepalm. It's not Grey, but his brother Orange Mecacci Coat, a silly superhero with a goofy voice that is way too happy.
You say, "Where are Jason and his henchmen, Tony, Cory and Jim?"
You finally escape the computer room, but who should you fight?
Before you can prepare for a fight, you realize you are pregnant and giving birth to  kid that could potentially be the child of anyone from your high school. If only you could kill this kid in the womb, you think as you push it out. It's a boy.