EP351 #1

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You are Tony, a streamer from AIPD. You're about to stream when you receive a letter claiming that you're being sued for breach of copyright. It appears that the person suing you for is your past self. He claims that he was watching you and decided to sue you because you stole his idea.

The thing is, it's not really your idea in the first place.
You say, "I'm too young to understand how copyright works. My legal guardian, Jason, will sort out this mess."

"Oh, okay then," says the voice on the other end. "I guess I'll talk to him now."
Dr Emmet Brown, who helps Past Tony go to the future with his time traveling DMC DeLorean. First thing he does after going to the future is complaining to you. says, "I'm here to talk about the letter you sent to my son."
"Great! Where's this time machine you promised me?"
You hand Dr Brown a volume of the Hentai called "dude stfu". It's one of the only volumes containing understandable words, and you buy it for a cents on eBay.
"Oh, I'm not an engineer! Not yet, at least," says Brown sheepishly.
You convince Doc Brown to help you produce a TV show about you and your adopted dad Jason. In the show, you teach regular people basic life lessons.
Since you got referred to an actual TV show, you don't need Dr Brown anymore.
Doc Brown from the future sues you for breach of copyright contract. You lose the case and go lacking a few dollars. You decide to put up a website and start your own show online.
The moral of the story? Copyright is stupid.
You use your final cents left in your bank account to buy the final volume of the Hentai "dude stfu". Since you're too poor to afford a laptop, you ask your friend if you can use her laptop.
It turns out that she's into beastiality porn. You change your relationship status on Facebook to "It's Complicated" and buy a 6D Glasses kit, so you can enjoy 3D movies in the comfort of your own home.
The moral of the story: Don't mix up your porn.
Teachers and school are your biggest enemies. You don't have any friends, as people are either scared of you or don't like you.
The insult of the day: "Anyone but you could do a better job at organizing the school's library."
You take on the school's evil librarian Sheldon as your arch-nemesis.