EP350 #8

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You are Melanie, a young woman who is visiting a Japanese hot springs for the first time. You get into the water and make a cute face, while springing around the area. A woman named Natsuki asks, "What are you doing?" You explain, "I'm a hot woman who's springing." Natsuki rolls her eyes. 

"Don't be so serious," she says. "It's just fun. It doesn't mean anything."
you try to take Natsuki's advice to heart and start springing a little less seriously. However, it still hasn't completely stopped your spontaneous behavior. Eventually, you're in trouble when a large group of tourists come out of the bathhouse. They all stare at you as if they want to attack you.
You cover yourself embarrassed and run into the locker room to put your clothes back on. You consider going to get a refund on your ticket.
you stomp to the front desk and exclaim "People were watching me bath and spring, I want a refund!" The clerk sighs and replies "I can't do that, but if you were attacked, I can call the police." you think about it.
The police arrive and take your information. they ask "What the hell happened?" you begin to explain about Natsuki, the other women and what was said during your visit. The police tell you that you'll be taken into questioning soon and leave the lobby.
you are taken to the station and put in the holding pen where you meet a girl with green hair. You ask if she's there because she visited the hot springs recently. When you tell her about the trouble you're both taken into a room and asked questions separately.
Question 1: What is your name? Question 2: What are you charged with?

Your answer to the first question will determine your answer to the second question.
you say "I'm Melanie, and I've done absolutely nothing wrong." The officer says "That's what they all say, kid. now tell me what really happened."
You explain the situation in great detail and notice that talking about naked woman has flustered the officer and he is making an odd face.
Choose your second answer based on which facial expression the officer makes.
You answer the second question by say, "I'm a regular visitor to the hot springs and run around naked all the time, I don't see what the big deal is." The officer asks "You run around naked with men?" You look offended and say "I have as much right to run around naked in mixed company as anyone else. Now are you going to charge me or not?
The media learns about your story, and before long there are crowds gathering outside the police station. The police captain says he's never seen so many people so interested in nudity before.
The crowds get rowdy and begin throwing food at the building as they chant "free the naked girl."
You speak to the crowd and say, "hi late, i'm dad" The crowd is silent as you continue to speak. "what really happened to me? well, some lady attacked me with a knife but I lived through it."
you say to the crowd "if you wish to support me, discard the clothes that hold you down. Be naked with me!" While the crowd didn't fully understand, they all took off their clothes and became naked.
Shortly after you tank the media for their great support. The police station backs off your case and decides not to pursue it.
You are not satisfied with just the charges being dropped and spearhead the movement for "Legalize Nudity". Soon cities around the world begin allowing people to walk around naked. While they didn't win all their election, the "Legalize Nudity" officials won enough to make a difference.
You go on The View and reveal your troubled past. The world sympathizes with you and the president gives you the Medal of Honor.
Your "lifetime dream" has finally been achieved, all thanks to the generous donations.
you use the donations to fund your campaign to be the first naked female president of the United States.
you are arrested for protesting at a women's shelter for not allowing naked women inside.
You realize the hypocrisy of what you have asked, but it is too late.  The whole world turns against you and trending on Twitter is the hashtag #CancelMelanie.  You decide to escape to Mars. During the flight, you reflect on how "life isn't fair."
You suffer a fatal heart attack during the flight.
On Mars, the colonists build you a memorial. It reads "She had the courage to... and it still wasn't enough."
The moral of the story: It is impossible to please everyone.