EP350 #7

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You are Jim. You have just installed NordPass. Time to look up some illegal shit!"
"Yeah, I know. It is a shame though because I was really looking forward to this trip. What the hell happened?
you remember aloud "it all started when I got NordPass. I was fullfilling my darkest fantasies. Searching for that one girl who would be so special to me and then I found out she was dead. My heart broke."
"Well you can't get over it now!
Your depression has led to a life of crime and you say out loud to no one in particular, "I'm going to try to hack into Jason's back account. I'm sure he wouldn't mind."
You try your password on several 'fantasy' accounts and then you hit the lottery!
"Ha ha, I guess he doesn't need this money!"
you spend the money of the most lewd thing you can think of: sex acts. You become so excited that instead of doing something smart like spending the money or investing, you buy a motorized sex-doll that has been discontinued for being too life-like.
you test out just how life-like the doll can be. It feels just as good as real sex, but it never speaks your name and when you turn it off it stays silent. That was a nagging pain you had in your chest, that feeling is gone.
You notice that even though the doll is off, the head has turned towards you. "Why are you facing me?" You pick up a nearby iPad and turn on the flashlight. The eyes blink and follow your every move!
"I need to get that H Experience!"
you crave for the H and head off to the store to score some H. You arrive and immediately inject the liquid into your veins. Pleasure beyond comprehension washes over you and you achieve a life epiphany: "When I die, I want to come back as a sex doll!"
you try to live a responsible life as an H user. You find a well paid job and enjoy life, "I am so happy and everything is right in the world now that I'm a doll!"
You begin to love as yourself, a full life and everything you wanted.
You are so happy with life that you gain 100 lbs over the course of the next few months. The heart attack kills you.
your body is repurposed as as sex doll. Ka Ching!
The moral of the story: Just let go and live life. The Skop doesn't matter.