EP350 #6

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You are Timothy Winters, a coder with a dark secret, one of your ears is slightly larger than the other. One day you discover that your horrifying secret has been leaked on every social media site. You are now known as "The Tall Guy" and it is said that you have killed several people in the past.
you get paranoid that you are always being watched now. you take the following steps to hide your identity: 1. you go by the name "Timothy Winters" 2. you change your appearance 3. you don't talk about yourself anymore 4. you never stay more than 3 months at a home 5. you have no human interaction ever 6. you get a tattoo of an ear that looks normal on your left ear 7. you change your personality
what happens next?
you need to connect with another human so you decide to go to a bar. A woman see you and says "I know who you are, you're that tall guy that killed his best friend! You also killed several other people." your face gets hot from embarrassment. it is true that you commited those crimes but you resent the fact that every one seems to know what you did. "
you say "ive done my time. Now I just want to know what love is." you grab her hand in yours and hold it for a full minute. Then you drag her into an alleyway and strangle her to death. as an ambulance passes by you stuff her corpse into a dumpster.
you feel an incredible rush as you stuff her body into the dumpster. your skills are noticed by mafia who offer you a full time position as a corpse dumper with a side of strangling. you accept and become the mafia's most deadliest weapon.
You go on your first hit and the #1 enemy of the mafia: The Police. It may seem like a good idea to kill the police off however your powers can be used on other assassination targets with your killer instinct.
you get a cover as a doughnut salesman, you offer your confections to police in a dingy basement. minutes later several police officers become sick and are unable to give chase when you make your escape. your abilities are recognized and by age thirty you've become the right hand man of the mafia.
You say, "My name is Timothy Winters, um, I mean my name is Cory Summers. I bake donuts for the AIPD bakery."
Franks sticks his hairy face in, one eye bigger than the other. He is massive and pulsating with masculinity, why he could be a model on apocalypse hand-toolz catalog. "Hands up."
you put your hands up just enough to wrap them around Franks throat. You slam him into the wall, knocking more photos to the floor. You squeeze and he struggles - one of his eyes pops.
You are about to finish him off when you notice one of the photos: There you are, hugging your mother on a street corner. The photo has been accidently stepped on, the date makes it your earliest memory.
"How could I have killed so many people."
you slump to the ground and look at Franks remaining eye and say "kill me. I've nothing left to live for."
Franks lunges at you with a knife but gets your throat instead. As the life drains from your body, he says "at least you're good for something."
You watch as Frank drinks your blood. He fills a vial just large enough for your DNA and hope to use it to make you stronger then he ever was.
good job.
The moral of the story: There is no greater cause for loss than the death of a loved one or close friend.

I almost felt like crying after I read that.
So those are all your potential endings for the first Zombie Plague book.
Out of 5 stars, The AI gives it a 4.11.
Apologies for no graphic descriptions but I want these books to live up to Edgar Allen Poe's standard of horror.