EP347 #1

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You are Bertrum Institute, a scientist trying to survive in a world filled with infected zombies everywhere. You have a backpack and a solar powered tablet. You pound your fist on the table angry that you still haven't found the cure to the infection. You turn to your assistant and say "We need to get out of here!" "What?" he asks. "The cure is right there." He looks at you as if you're crazy. "Yes, but where is it? I mean we can't just leave like this! We'll be overrun by the infected soon!"
you simulate your escape on A Monitor and a Windows 10 operating system, With the game Plague Inc Evolved. On it, It also has the The Cure on it.

You play the game for about an hour before you realize what you've done. Your assistant is still mad at you, but he doesn't really know why. You have a solution though: You can blow up the building and most of the route is underground so chances are of the infected will walk right over you as you tunnel your way out.
you look out a window at the zombies and say " are these " Zombies" just Covid-19 patients? just give them a Vaccine." "Yes." he replies. "That could work!" You walk over to the door and find it barricaded from the inside. you pick up your Var rangefinder and scan a zombie through the peep hole.
You lean in for a kiss with your fellow survivor and run outside to stab a zombie with the Covid vaccine.He gives you a confused look at first but You begin to think the vaccine could pass on to the zombies somehow. He runs after eating half a dozen bananas and grabbing your packs.
you need to protect yourself against zombie bites, you don Cory's clothes which include a zombie t-shirt and jeans. This empowers you as you level up and gain the following zombie survival skills: 1. Skinning 2. Fire Making 3. Throw items 4. 5. Fighting

you and your assistant come out from the lab and argue who should get the royal Jelly and who should be the test subject.
You have a boxing match with Jake Paul for the royal jelly.
You refuse to leave becase the cure could be anywhere from here. Some guards try and convince you to leave but you don't budge. The guards are given orders to shoot anyone staying behind.
you throw a jar of zombie virus at the guards. you then continue boxing Jake Paul.
You passed out while digging a tunnel with your bare hands. You dream about the time you dug a tunnel to burrow into your friend's fort in elementary school.
You recall your best friend's sage advice for digging tunnels: Always keep digging
You take a break from killing zombies to nickname them. You nickname the smallest one "Runner" the next size up "WALKER" and the biggest ones "BRUISER".
> You keep digging.
You decide to keep digging your way out of the lab. you realize that this rash attempt to survive was doomed to fail, and decide to go back up to find your old team.
You find your old team frantically trying to disarm the timed charges you activated. You approach them with your hands up and they comply. Before they can turn around, you have saved the world from the zombie virus and become a hero.
your team asks "but what about the explosives?" "Proves I'm the hero, don't it?" you reply quietly. You brush off your heroics and are given a medal.
You attempt to disarm the bomb.
You look at what the fuses look like.
After a long period of looking at what the fuses look like, you finally deicide what to do.
you decide to:
You wrap up the fuses in sraps. As you turn around, the wall of the bunker vanishes. It seems to have been fixed.
The charge explodes. A mix of hot metal and shrapnel hits you in the side of the face.
you wake up to your team huddled over. "Bertrum, you're gonna make it. Just hold in there!"
you feel ear burn, then a small burst of cool air hits your forearm. You can't hear anything. You make out the word "hero" on someone's lips though.
You lean in for a kiss with a member of the team, but are stiff armed away.  The recoil in horror and say, "OH god no, the burns, you are hideous!"
The End.
You fail to deactivate the bomb, and your body is incinerated in the explosion.
The moral of the story: Do something useful with your life.