EP346 #3

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You are Sanstar, your arrival in the southern city is marked by a conflict. You can see men marching with large swords and other weapons towards the center of the city. There is a great war in the frozen lands of the north led by the tyrant named Reindrob Snow. As Reindrob and his clones are your enemies, you decide to join to fight in the frozen lands to the north.

The battle begins when you enter the city. The soldiers are not as strong as they should be, but it does not matter since there are so many of them.
you don the only armor you can find,  Cory's clothes which somehow landed in the southern city. You have no idea where you are or how long you will stay here.

You manage to kill some of the soldiers who try to stop you from going further, but then more appear on both sides.
> You activate the moonstone.
You don't know why the soldiers want to kill you, but you see no reason why you shouldn't kill them. You don't have much time to fulfill your task of assassinating the man known as Snow, so you activate the powerful crystal embedded in the hilt of the sword.
you point the sword at the men advancing on you. A wave of energy leaves the sword and slices through them. as they fall you hear a faint ringing and go to investigate. It's  a phone that is currently on a Discord video call with KyrilGrey, a chat user from the AIPD Twitch channel (He stalks them). the etchings on the sword clearly say 'calling spirit'. It's time to call your spirit.
> You call spirit and ask it to tell you your future.
You pick up the phone and wait for it to reply.
"You've reached Jimenez, if you know the password, then you can go ahead, if not, then you're a loch monster."
you wait for the voicemail and leave a detailed prayer.
Can you call a spirit without the password?
there are no results on AIPD for your query.
It seems that the only way to get more information is to contact the spirit yourself.
You look at a poster of Cory that says "Have you seen my clothes? If you have, give me a call." and you know what you have to do to contact the spirit.
You wait until the moment when following the steps of your plan doesn't seem dangerous and you call him with the phone you've been given.
The phone rings and he picks up immediately: "Hello?"
> You say "Is this Jimenez?"
He looks at you confused as if wondering how you know his name: "Wait a minute..."
You say, "You are Jim from AIPD!" and he seems to understand. He replies, "Jim I am not, but you can call me Jim, since we'll be working together for this task."
Jim teleports to the battlefield using the moonstone, a powerful gem that can teleport its user to a different region or planet.
You call moonstone tech support and say, "Hey look buddy i'm a mechanic?, so that means i solve problems. Not problems like what is beauty because that would fall under your purview of philosophy, i solve practical problems."
And the man on the phone says, "What seems to be the problem?"
You say, "The gem isn't teleporting him anywhere."
He replies, "Of course it is!"
You look behind you and realize you have teleported 100 Jim's to the battlefield. "Oh, well that's really neat. thanks a lot!"
he hangs up the phone and you laugh maniacally.
> You the hundred Jims to attack Reindrob Snow.
You have the hundred Jims come with you to fight against the tyrant called Snow. You arrive on the battlefield, and it's a little crowded.
you and your 100 Jim's find a tunnel that leads into Castle Reindrob. you emerge in the courtyard under cover of darkness.
there are so many people fighting you can't even make out who is on first.
You hurl your grappling hook up into a tree and swing off into the courtyard.
You get the jump on Reindrob Snow and hurl your Moonstone Sword at his head.
The sword cuts clean through him and out the other side! But he seems unfazed.
He catches the sword with one hand and pulls it out. He pushes you away and stabs you with it.
> You the power of the moonstone fills your body.
You keep summoning spirits from phonebooks and they keep dying.
You feel the moonstone's power coursing through you and a warm feeling washes over you.
Jimenez bursts through the window to the rescue, he picks up a crossbow from a dead soldier and shoots it at Reindrob Snow.
The bolt is lodged in his arm, but he keeps coming forward.
you speak a spell aloud " Egleliaga" and open your mouth to unleash a blast of moon energy at Reindrob Snow.
The blast freezes his legs in place and then quickly encases him entirely.
Jimenez slams a new bolt into the crossbow and shoots at Reindrob, the bolt explodes in his face.
Reindrob shatters into pieces.  the pieces of him fall to the ground. You breathe a sigh of relief.
After several minutes you stop being so paranoid and put your sword away.
Jimenez says, "We need to capture some of his followers to force them to tell us where Reindrob's secret hideout where he created more of his undead was."
You nod in agreement.
The moral of the story: don't mess with the moon.