EP345 #2

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You are Tim, a person that has been through wars, struggles, and you are filled with paranoia. You have been threatened to be killed during your sleep. You must find a way to prevent this or you will die.

You start to see the world around you differently now. The things that used to scare you no longer do so anymore.
> You search for the person who has threatened you.
The more you look at your surroundings, the less scared you feel. It seems like everything is normal here. You don't know what it all means though; maybe there isn't anything out there after all...
until you see Dready Krugger, a spatula fingered man, standing in doorway. In his hand, is a bottle of pills. You recognize these as the ones that the psychiatrist have given you on several occasions.
"I see you've found my work, Mr..."
You shush Dready Krugger and lean in for a kiss. He begins to squirm and squeal as you plant a slobbery one on his cheek, but it is seconds before he falls silent as the pill kicks in.
shapes shift all around you and you see a pile  Cory's clothes which are covered in FNAF stickers. His hand reaches out from under the clothes pile and gives you a thumbs up you give him in return
scared of what may happen, confused by what has happened, you leave to search for Eric.
you call out for Eric and hear distant yelling. you run off to investigate.
you search everywhere you can for him, but all you find are mutilated cats stuck to the walls with knives.
You finally find Eric with a blood knife and ask him, "Why Eric, WHY!?"
"I'm not good enough!"
You see a Little Brother who whispers to you softly
Your little brother, Tony Vorhees and yawning serial killer, tells you, "Five Nights at Freddy's 2: The Killing." A video tape appears in a gory hand and he releases it into your hands.
"You're sending me back?
you plead "I don't want to go back. I CANT!" He does not respond, and you find a large, black van driving up to you.
" I don't have a choice..do I?"
You get in the van and 4 masked men take you to an abandoned warehouse. Inside you see another person, a small man dressed in a shiny black suit and a demonic mask.
you say "what's up short stack?"
"SHUT UP AND LISTEN TO THE MASKED MAN." He points to each word he says, as if you're a stupid child that doesn't know what the word 'listen' means.
> You confess you don't know what the world "listen" means.
> You gently pull on the demon nose and say "honk"
You start crying in fear that you have angered the man. You begin apologizing and rubbing your hair.
The demon masked man tells you if you don't want to go back into a video tape, you must do the following mission:
"Go inside Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, look around and come back before dawn, you must also take a souvenir."
You think
Before you can protest, the demon masked man snaps his fingers and you are outside Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. The last thing you hear is the demonic man, laughing sinisterly in the darkness.
Wear this to fool security:
You put on the Coats outfit, as you walk into the pizza place.
You take a souvenir: Freddy Fazbears eye, and attempt to leave.
A creepy, fish-faced humanoid approaches you.
You drop the eye and run away in horror, straight into a demonic, purple, cube-shaped machine.
You are now in a viral Video of Jason at a Birthday Party and killing all the Guests.
NEDS: / / / _ . . . . . . . '. . . _____ '. . .
> You sing "Happy Birthday," to Jason.
You break into song, and it goes something like this: "Happy birthday to YOOOU....happy birthday to YOOOU...."
The moral of the story: Never sing "Happy Birthday" to someone who has just murdered several children at a birthday party.