EP344 #2

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You are Kevin, a struggling amateur actor. After a year of unsuccessful auditions you managed to score a role in a movie. The movie is called Room 2, and is directed by non other than Tommy Wiseau. Tommy tells you that you will play a role of a spoonman, a man that is a spoon. You are astonished on how this enigma of a man can direct a movie, but begrudgingly you agree. Next thing you know you are eating Fruit Loops soaked in vodka, while Tommy and other actors throw a football over you.

After the movie you go back to your trailer to get some sleep, when suddenly Tommy walks into your room. "Hey kid, what's going on?" he asks.

> You say "i could use a fork..."
"I'm sorry kid, I don't have any forks here."

"What? Where did you put them?"

"In my car, next to my bed."

You sigh.
Tommy returns with the forks and you lean in for a kiss. He slams the door in your face.
"I'm sorry kid, I need to lose some weight first." His giant gut bounces up and down as he bursts out laughing.
He's a monster.
> You say "do you wanna... jog to a subway? split a foot long?"
You walk with him to the subway.
"Great seeing you again, I'll see you on friday's shoot," He says.
"Alright kid, I gotta go." He looks at you and runs for the subway.
As he leaves, you wish you hadn't met him. Your life was simple and easy going before you met him.
You look at a picture of a guy named Jason stealing Tommy's butter and are inspired.  You level up and gain the follow self confidence powers:
Bold: You can tell when people are lying.
Upon exiting the coffee shop, you see a man approaching.
you recognize the man from the photo, its Jason, mouth filled with butter.
"Hi, how would you feel about being in a movie?" he asks.
You're a bigger star after appearing in Room, but life isn't better.
You ask Jason what the movie is and he tells you the title of the movie is: The Room Actors: Where Are They Now?
You don't hesitate.
"I'm in."
You star in two sequels that are both flops.
Your 3rd film was: The Room Actos: Where Were They Before They Are Now?
You star once again.
Your next movie is released, it will be both the last in the trilogy and your last hurrah: The Room Story.
the triumphant performance earns you a nomination for Best Lead Actor in a Film
Your win nets you a full scholarship to the best university in town, and a friendship with your leading lady.
You end up with Serena Williams.
You invite Serena to perform with in the stage version of Harry Potter: Goblet of Fire  , the play debuts to rave reviews.
JK Rowling herself comes to see the show, with her, and army of: lawyers, makes you re-title the play, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Chris BuŃ—cker.
During a run of A Confederacy of Clowns, you begin dating your co-star, Emma Stone.
Its time for the finale. You play the part of Harry Potter and Serena plays the part of Voldemort. You are performing the duel scene.The play has been a great success, and everyone loves it. You once again find yourself working with your brother, directing this time.
The play is going great, your portrayal of the iconic wizard being hailed a success.
The moral of the story: Don't go in the basement. You he does, you have his Oscar winning role to thank. The show ends with JK Rowling hugging the pair of you, praising the success of your production.