EP342 #1

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Do the Mario!
Swing your arms from side to side,
Take one step, let's go!
Now that you've got the hang of it, you're off and running. You run through the forest, jumping over logs as you make your way towards a large castle on a hill.
> You hear a pleasant song bleeping in the background.
You stop and listen carefully. It sounds like a very cheerful tune, almost like something you'd hear at a carnival or fair.
you run up a staircase of blocks and jump off and slide down a long pole. Fireworks explode all around you. Giggling and shrieking with delight, you slide down a rainbow and land in a cloud. You walk around inside the cloud and have fun there for awhile.
you meet a strange naked man in the cloud. He is Cory, a guy who wants to adopt his friend, Tony, because he thinks that Jason isn't qualified to be his legal guardian.
Because you are qualified to be a legal guardian, maybe you can help him out.
Also, you want to ride on the Merry-Go-Round.
You win a Tanuki suit at the Merry-Go-Round.
You wear the tanuki suit and perform for the crowd.
You level up and gain the following Mario powers:
You can fly small distances.
Where did you get the Tanuki Suit?
Lakitu, Flying Koopa who is hanging out with Cory in the cloud, rains shells down on you because he thinks it is funny. It does not hurt though. You fly away through one of the holes the shell makes in the floor of the cloud
Is there a happy ending?
> You fall out of the cloud and land on.
You pull out your pipe, fill it with some Sweet Leaves and smoke it. As you drift off into a blissful state of semi-awareness you think about what to do.
you share some toadstool with Luigi. You think on the advice you use to give children: "If you do drugs, you go to hell when you die"
You step through the door and it slams shut behind you. It is pitch dark and you cannot see anything. You are hit in the face with a barrage of bullets.
you shrink to tiny Mario after being barraged with bullet bills. You scramble around, looking for a mushroom but you find a green mushroom, which you think will also make you bigger.
Turns out it was a poisonous toadstool. You die.
you wake up back at the start of the stage.
Beautiful music fills your head as you enjoy the whole experience like it was a sparkling, wondrous dream.
You look around at the incredibly beautiful new world and notices all the wonderful new features:
the beautiful streams of colors the sun makes as it sets, painting a gorgeous masterpiece across the canvas of the sky
how everything seems to have its own aura
You are hit by a barrage of bullets. You die.
you wake up back at the start of the stage and decide to hide in a sad sewer pipe. It teleports you to world 4.
Happy and high, you spend the next several hours happily exploring the wondrous world you have found yourself in.
by the time you are done exploring you feel a crushing sadness as the come down begins.
> You resolve to collect 100 coins.
You hideout in a tree and decide to eat some of your mushrooms raw.
You take a bite out of a small mushroom. You vomit and die.
you wake up back at the start of the stage and decide to hide in a sad sewer pipe. It teleports you to world 2.
The moral of the study: Mushrooms are bad for you.