EP341 #1

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You are Sanstar, you wake up in a white room, your vision is blurred and you are a little dizzy. You are in a bed, nearby there is a table with a syringe, while you take it you hear steps. Someone opens the door, before he can speak you stick the syringe in his neck leaving him paralyzed, you take his clothes and leave the room disguised as him. Time to get out of here - you say.

You move through the building looking for a way out, but finding nothing, you realize that this place is too big to just escape from.
you hear the rumble of several pairs of feet running, you dive under an examination desk and watch. The three people run into a room where they meet their fate. You decide, that this running about your knotty, you shall remain hidden for a day or two and then continue your quest.
> You remain hidden for a day or two.
You are still trapped in this room, but you know that you cannot leave, yet. The guards may patrol the building at random, and as the virus may affect them, they may not wait for symptoms before killing me.....
you look around the surgery room and arm yourself with: 1.A huge scalpel, 2. A Wahl blade, 3. A shotgun, 4.A Raging Bull .
> You put Raging Bull on the BluRay player, and while the guard are distracted by watching, you stealthily shave their ponytails off.
Their screams tear the air as arms, legs and scalps go flying all over the building, you begin to shoot at some hapless workers with the raging bull as their heads explode like overripe watermelons
Workers drop dead, guards fall in their "traps"
as you sneak through the cubicles you see the guard captain Mark Whalberg, looking for his missing companion blade. You cut his phone line,cut a shotgun that you stole from a bad guard with the raging bull blade, slit the captain's neck... you hide inside the house's system while scanning if security cameras have caught you.
You see that the security room has a snack fridge and while scanning the footage you gain 100 lbs from all the tasty treats. You wait more weeks in the cubicle, with enough food for a year, while hindu'ing guards zombies and every now and then releasing a poison gas.
> You activate the moonstar.
You want to re-Enter the room but as soon as you step in you feel the suction force of an enormously powerful vacuum, pulling you in towards your doom.
You realize you are in a space station and luckily you are so fat the the suction force cannot shoot you into the void of space.
You are decided to give up of trying to solve this alone and go home, but now what? The only way out is through.
you tape a fish bowl over your head and prepare for the void of space.
The air pressure begins to funnel you out of the exit. Finally you a out-of-atmosphere.
you hurdle through space until you collide with jupiter, burned to ash by the gas giant's gargantuan heat.
You crash into the surface of Jupiter and see the station. You see that the suction is caused by a giant vaccum cleaner, you begin to hack the gates with your keyboard and A-Z......
You use your fat fingers to reverse suck to blow. Suddenly the door opens with a rush and you are sucked out into the void of space!
you use the moonstone to teleport you to a strange new land where you decimate a city with your gadgets. Take that society! Nobody can bring you down!!!!
People learn to fear the North!
The moral of the story: if your fat you can survive anything.