EP339 #3

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You are Tony Gilbert, a miner who loves chatting online. One day, you meet a nice man that wants to show you his special tool. He says it will give you an instant oregasm! You accept, and he sends you a link. You click it and are surprised when it brings you to a video of a man singing and sort-of dancing. You are confused, but you think you're in love!

This is the beginning of your life as a porn star. You spend most of your time on sites like Xvideos and cam4cam where you can chat with other people who want to see you naked.
You receive a mysterious package in the mail.  Inside is a button and note that tells you, "If you press this button, you will get an instant oregasm, but someone in the world will die." The note also states that if you don't press the button, then the person in the video will die.
You stop masturbating out of fear of killing someone and turn to eating where you gain 100 lbs. This is a result of eating as many instant oregasms as you can. The end of this path is reached when a heart attack kills one of the men in the video and puts you in the hospital.
While you are in the hospital, doctors tell you about the following top 10 types of oregasms:
Warts Oregasm
These take a long time to develop and are on the skin. They are very uncomfortable and often turn people's skin white and flaky. They're also incredibly itchy.
Shower Oregasms
These kinds of orgasms are when someone gets a rainfall of their own cum inside them. They're often mistaken for a period, but it's not that serious.
Mud Haze Oregasms
These are the dirtiest and nastiest type of orgasm. They're often caused by being REALLY lazy and not cleaning up after sex. Most people hate these and never ask for one again.
Hot Tub Oregasms
These types of orgasms involve someone getting in a hot tub or Jacuzzi with someone else and having an orgasm together. They're often requested by people who have a hot tub at their house and want to share it with someone.
Whole Body Oregasms
This is the most extreme type of orgasm. It involves the entire body and can be caused by a lot of different things. They're often very enjoyable and recurring whole body orgasms can be dangerous.
Half-Body Oregasms
These are like whole body ones, but half of the body is included. People sometimes request these since they are fun and usually beep a lot when they happen.
Waterfall Oregasms
These are a lot like a hot-tub orgasm, but with a waterfall. They often involve a person getting fucked by a large cock in a large body of water. Occasionally, these can be requested.
Vermilion Clitoris Oregasms
These are like the name suggests; they're very big and colorful and sit on top of a person's clit. These can only happen to really advanced people who can handle a lot of stimulation. They can be extremely pleasurable if the person is comfortable with their body.
Cum Holes
These are small holes that release your cum. You can have a lot of these, but they often take time to form.
You are upset to learn about all these different types of orgasms and that you only know 3. However, you feel happy to learn that you can get whole body or half-body ones!
You tell the doctor about the button and ask him if he knows how to destroy it. He tells you he doesn't know, but says he'll ask his assistant.
The assistant walks in and tells you she knows how to disarm the button, but it's not going to be easy. She says all she need is to be inserted into the button and then it'll explode.
The assistant tells you that the button is in a warehouse full of props from movies.
You sneak into the warehouse at night and retrieve the button.  Luckily the assistant joins you and you miraculously find it on the first shelf.  The assistant prepares herself.
"So this is the button. It looks like a regular light switch."
"What do I do?"
"Just take it and press it. It's a simple process."
You insert the assistant into the button, and it explodes! The explosion knocks you and the assistant back, but fortunately you don't get hurt. You don't know how that happened since you aren't even in the button anymore.
You are fine, but you look over to see the assistant with half her body missing.  You teach her how to half body oregasm. She tells you that's not a very impressive orgasm and asks if you can do outdoor ones.
The next night you're at the park with your new best friend.
You tell your friend about the crazy week you've just had.
"That's amazing," your friend says. "I'm glad you told me, I could have used some help on my half-body orgasm."
"I think I can help you with that."
You lead your friend to a large waterfall.
"Now this is a real waterfall," you say. "It's not even going to thunder."
"Okay," your friend says.
You take your friend's hand and begin walking.
You friend stops and says, "I have something to confess, I sent you the button."
"What?! How?! Why?" you say.
Your friend looks down and continues walking.
"Nevermind. Fuck you, I'm going to do it myself."
You masturbate alone at the waterfall.
That night you fall asleep with a smile being the stupid grin on your face. You don't know how you're going to do your next big step, but you've got some thinking to do.
The moral of the story: you can't let people fuck with your head. They might think they're being helpful, but they're just hurting you.