EP338 #1

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You are King Kong, a 400 feet tall gorilla, living on the Skull Island. You peer into the horizon, and see a row of spiky fins in the ocean's water. Suddenly a giant dragonesque reptile rises form the depths. Godzilla. You need to protect the island. This will be a titanic brawl, a fight of the century. Just as you about to strike Godzilla your eyes meet and what is it? A spark? Could it be? Could love really bloom on the battlefield? You feel you cheek blush as you hesitate what to say.

"I'm sorry."

The next day you arrive at the battle field. The two warriors stand before you, both clad in leather armor with swords in their hands.
you flick the warriors with an enormous index finger. They go flying into the ocean. You rip up a few pretty trees to present to Godzilla as a bouquet. The beast accepts them graciously. How sweet.

Godzilla rises up and spits a stream of fire, melting part of the two foolish warriors into a puddle of metal.
> You say "Nice tits."
THe female warrior stares angrily at you.
"What?" You ask.
"You think my tits are nice?" She asks incredulously.
"Well, uh..."
> You say "I was talking to Godzilla."
The warrior rolls her eyes and mumbles some obscenity. Godzilla's roars of excitement fill your eardrums as the beast charges at his opponent. The female warrior begins twirling her sword in an elaborate pattern.
you hold the female warrior in place to allow Godzilla to batter her.
"Let's finish this." You command.
The female warrior turns, she smiles at you flirtatiously and places her hand on your chest. Her long red nails tap at her waist.
You say "Checks this out" as you start to poomp your mooskles.
"Come on."
She leads you into a pretty forest, the trees filled with lovely fruit. You follow her through the forest, and out onto a hill.
Godzilla becomes jealous.  He charges out of the forest and lets out a booming roar. He charges towards the hill, quickly followed by the female warrior. You turn to flee, but then remember that you don't have a dick.
Godzilla chuckles "you could never satisfy me with that little thing" He roars. His monsterous thing slams into your side, sending you flying through the air. Your head cracks into a tree root and your vision turns black. You're out cold for quite a while.
You wake up in Godzilla's underground lair where Godzilla has nursed you back to health. You look over at the female warrior who is cleaning her sword.
"I have an idea why you are here," You say, "And I'm not happy."
You want the female warrior to take a hint, so you lean in for a kiss with Godzilla. She doesn't understand the hint and instead smacks you in the face with the flat of her blade. You fall backwards onto the ground.
"WHAT?!" You exclaim in shock, "Why are you doing this?"
you grab the female warriors sword as use it as a toothpick as you pin her with a large rock.
You begin caressing her belly and wonder if you should go down lower, but you hesitate as its very dark in here.
"Fuck this" You grunt, "I'm just going to grab your tits."
You grab Godzilla's tits. You groan as they are fucking huge, bigger than any you've ever grabbed before, including those on cow.
She begins thrashing about and manages to kick you in the face, breaking your grip.
The sexual tension between you is unbearable as you look into her eyes. She manages to grab the sword and stab you straight in the dick.
You cry out in pain as you feel blood run down your leg.
you realize you could learn to like your new prince albert. you swing your thing enticingly towards Godzilla. She comes closer to you, licking your blood.
You pat her on the side as you realize this is the closest you'll ever get to a porn star with a real ass.
you say "you're nothing like the cows I've been with" as you struggle to breath.
Godzilla looks at you, you get the feeling she's about to destroy your world.
"I'll make you king of my world" She growls, "and I'll give you the best time you could ever imagine."
You slave after her as she leads you to a cave. You enter inside, whilst she stands guard at the entrance.
> You lay down with Godzilla.
You lay down on the soft cave floor, looking up at the rock formations.
Godzilla moves closer to you and runs her finger along your chest "You know" She growls, "If you weren't a monster I'd probably kill you right now."
You laugh "Well if I wasn't a monster, I wouldn't have your babies."
Godzilla grins and begins licking your face.
you unleash your King Dong. He's larger than any other dick you've ever had, but he fits in your hand perfectly.
You thrust your cock into her and begin massing a super-RIDICULOUS stamina.
You fuck Godzilla for years. Earthquakes shake the earth. Tidal waves destroy coastal towns.
Godzilla gives you many children. You rarely fight anymore, and your subjects treat it as a blessing.
The moral of the story: Monsters are real, and they want your dick.
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