EP335 #2

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Repeating ventures.
Friend of all restores balance.
Hearts run in twilight.
The shadows are the only true masters.
You have to be careful, or you'll get eaten by a shadow!

A new world is born.
You welcome your new shadow masters and help them take over the world. You don't even know why you're doing it, but you do it anyway. The end result is that the world becomes a much better place than when you first started.
The shadow masters task you with conquering Azeroth and equip you with  a suit of armor. You get ready to conquer your "father's" favorite world.
Before you depart, a strange man with wild, curly hair stops you.
You recognize the man as your grandfather.
"What do you want, gramps?" you ask angrily.
"Before you go, there is something you must do."
"Another scavenger hunt? Fine, I'll play."
"No...it's more than that. You are the Shepherd, chosen by the shadows. Your duty is clear."
He hands you a ring that is glowing with shadow power.
"With this, you will be able to command the shadows. You are the only one that can control them."
"What am I supposed to do with a ring?" you ask.
Tony, a rebellious young man who stole a car from his legal guardian, Jason, and drove it to where you are.
He desperately asks you for help, claiming that his best friend is being stalked by some crazed fan.
You give him a Non-Judgmental ear and tell him to calm down.
Your grandpa yells out to you as you drive away with Tony, "Young un' It's for fuckin'" sake! The boy needs help, not a lecture!"
You pull over on the side of the road.
you rifle through the back seat of Tony's car and find A ball making a quiet ticking sound, it is also covered in glue. You ask Tony "hey what is this ball?"
"Oh that, it's called a bomb. its a little gift from my friends at the video game store. they gave it to me so I could blow up a guy and get his clothes."
Before you can ask a follow up question, you arrive at Walt Disney's Grand Pyramid Tomb in the middle of North Korea.
Several men in black hoodies are waiting for you, one of them approaches with a smile, he has no face.
He whispers into your ear "Welcome to the twilight zone."
> You hum "The Twilight Zone" theme.
You begin to feel slightly uneasy and a chill runs down your spine.
The man with no face pulls a small, black pistol from his belt and shoots you in the stomach.
> You say "What the fuck!"
"What the fuck!" you say loudly.
The men with no faces point their guns at you and begin to fire.
you grab the sticky bomb ball with a burger wrapper and throw it at the no-faces.
The explosion blows you into pieces.
Your work is done. The shadows have been freed.
The shadows spread across the earth, bringing the darkness of a new age.
The powers of the mind are stronger than you once thought.
You were the shadows last tool.
> You say "You use the power of your grandpa's shadow ring  "
You reach into your pocket and grab the ring.
It is black, with a single red stone in the shape of a star. The stone glows faintly, and you rub it, feeling its power.
you hold the red star proudly high in hand. It surges and  glows with a ghostly light, beckoning you to join in the dance.
You're tired of hiding.
You're tired of being afraid.
You'll take it to the streets.
You'll take it to the skies.
You'll take it to everyone.
You take it back.
Michael Mcdonald appears and sings about your life:
"We're the same, but we're different. You complete me."
You smile, and begin to power up.
You're going to make them remember.
The humans.
The moral of the story:
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