EP335 #1

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You are Elon Musk. 
Just ate some bad Chipotle. 
New rocket idea. 
I think I'm going to go back to my room and play World of Warcraft for a while, then come out here and tell you all about it.
You decide to open up at Tesla shareholder meeting and reveal what server you play on. You also explain that you're not actually playing on the main server. This is just an excuse to get people excited about your idea and hopefully convince them to invest in your company.
you tweet "For the Horde" and Activision stock rises 18 points.
Says a lot about the state of the market right now."
You tweet "For the Alliance
You get an angry tweet from Jason, your friend who needs your help. He is locked outside in the snow with The Simpsons.
Your dumbass idea is going to cost me a week of publicity!
You arrive to help Jason with a Tesla-brand flamethrower and start to burn the door down.
After a week, you both free the Simpson family. Unfortunately The Simpsons house has been turned into a gym and they refuse to leave. You manage to save the family though, so whatever.
You starting working out in the Simpsons' house, which cause you to level up and gain the following Simpsons-related powers:
You can run very fast.
The power of invisibility. When no one else can see you, the Simpson family will not be able to expel you from their house.
You hear Bart yell, "Eat my shorts!" and you obey his request.
When you can, you dress up like a nerd and live in the woods.
You feel genuine sadness when "The Itchy & Scratchy Show" is taken off the air.
> You work on your new rocket idea in the basement of the Simpsons house.
You live in the basement now, working on your secret project, which is highly classified. Unfortunately due to your new level of success, you have become a media target.
you are denied a flight permit but test your new rocket anyway. You look like a damn idiot in front of the media when the engine fails and your craft crashes into the ground, destroying a private house in the process.
The media calls you a "bad apple" and a "gateway drug to jail" but your friend Mr. Burns agrees to help you with your project again. You still aren't sure what you can do for him this time but you're ready to try anything.
The family that lost their house to your new "Chipotle" rocket sue you for damage.
You don't have the money to pay for this so you go see Mr. Burns, who tells you to write a proposal for how you would make their homes "chipotle" again.
At Mr Burns house you also run into Dr Paindr0b, a Reindr0b clone that is going through extreme pain all over his body and is also trying to takeover Tesla and SpaceX.
Mr.Burns suggests using fuel cells, a new type of battery that can be recharged in an instant. You see the opportunity to make a lot of money.
You pitch your idea to Dr.Paindr0b and he's interested, but only if you can make a way to eliminate the smell.
You consider making fuel cells that produce a certain smell, but then that would just be cheating.
Because you hate Dr Piandr0b, you make the fuel cells smell like:
You call the battery "Smell-o-Sack"
You are granted a patent for the battery which unfortunately is later determined to be useless.
Your friendship with Mr.Burns starts to decline and your relationship with Dr.Paindr0b deteriorates for similar reasons.
You are fired from your job at the power plant.
The moral of the story: Sometimes it's better to sell something that smells good rather than the thing itself.