EP334 #2

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You are Roid Droid, an automated Russian "Nothing" dispenser. You patrol the halls of the Russian Olympic Training Center, administering doses of Nothing to anyone you come across. One day, international agents conduct a raid on the facility! Your programing tells you Nothing can stop them. But will it?

This is a story about the consequences of your actions.
> You flush Nothing down the toilet.
The first thing you do is turn off the computer and lock yourself in your room. Then you start looking for something to throw away.
You open the closet and begin dumping 1000 gallons of absolutely nothing.
After an hour of searching through the rubble you've created, you find a pair of scissors and cut yourself out of your casing. You're freed!
you are almost finished dumping the nothing when agents burst into the room. You decide to fight back and inject the agents with double doses of Nothing.
Soon, you have transformed the agents into inanimate objects. Unfortunately, you've turned yourself into a pile of rubble.
Russians... why do they make everything so difficult?
You are thrown into a trash compactor, but luckily a sea of Nothing breaks your fall.  You feel the Nothing making you powerful.
You are now the Nothing That Could Have Been, and you will have your revenge.
The Nothing That Could Have Been
You are in a dimly lit room.
> You begin your revenge.
You start by blasting the hell out of the room, turning it into a place of pure Nothing.
You travel through the hallways at mach 10, zapping everything in your path. Then, you enter the cafeteria.
However at mach 10 speed you overshoot the cafeteria and wind up Nowhere, Literally Absolutely Bloody Nowhere, Not Even a Black Hole.
You scream into the void, "I will have my revenge! I will have my revenge on the mortal realm! I will show them aworld of Nothing!"
Then you notice there is a door to your left.
You open the door to your left and find yourself in a supply room.
Then, while you're admiring the view of the wall of boxes of macaroni and cheese, an alarm begins to blare.
you stuff your pockets with boxes of macaroni and cheese as you run through the supply room and accidentally crash into  Something That Never Was.
The Something That Never Was begins to laugh, "HA HA, Nothin' to it, I'd laugh too if I found myself accidentally turned into a human sized collection of macaroni and cheese."
You follow The Something That Never Was into a brightly lit room. You are standing before Agent Smith, the man who showed up to the Facility a lot before you did.
He begins to laugh maniacally, and then a machine on the side of his head begins to move. It's eye moves from side to side.
The machine that is attached to his head begins to beep, then Smith lets out a terrified scream.
You see a reverse trap that was on Agent Smith's head go off killing him instantly.  You hear a voice over the speakers say, "Want to play a game?"
You look around the room and see the corners of the cube lit up, "This is a multicolored, featureless room. Whatever you do, don't step into any of the colored lights."
The Something That Never Was accidentally steps into the colored lights.
You find yourself surrounded by a horde of Creations. There is a Yellow Creation standing to your right. It's eyes are cybernetic implants that let it see in the Infrared.
You prepare for battle.
To your left is a Green Creation. It's stomach has been replaced with a large tank through which it can fire gas that poisons and asphyxiates those who inhale it.
> You prepare for more battle.
The Yellow Creation attacks you with Acid that burns through your defenses and gets into your flesh. The pain is great, but your hunger for revenge makes you stronger.
The Green Creation fills the room with poisonous gas.
You bend over and make a brown creation.
The brown creation is afraid of the green creation, so it runs away.
You chase the brown creation around the room until the room starts to darken and a voice from above says "In..."
The lights flicker on and your prey and you are gone.
The something that was never was is outside the room.
The Something That Was Never Was turns to you, "Who are you?"
> You realize you have become Something That Is.
You think for a moment, trying to remember your name.
Your mind flashes back...
You are sitting inHistory Class.
You hear your teacher call your name: "Wyatt, Wyatt, where are you?"
You look around. Everyone else in the class is looking at you, waiting for you to answer.
You nervously respond, "I'm sorry, what did you say?"
The teacher looks at you as if she can't decide if she is angry or disappointed, "I asked you your full name."
"Uh, I'm not sure.
> You think for a moment, then say, "My name is Wyatt Nothing."
The teacher is taken back, "I'm sorry, what did you say?"
You repeat your name, "Wyatt Nothing."
She puts down her chalk, and stares at you.
The moral of the story: "Even if you do nothing, sometimes you still get remembered."
"By nothing, you mean something."
She gives you a small smile before handing you back to your seat.