EP334 #1

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You are Sanstar, you are at a concert enjoying good music after escaping the endless corridors of IKEA. Suddenly the moonstone in your pocket starts to glow, and all the people around disappears, the moonstone shatters into a thousand pieces in front of you and the pieces open a strange portal, Twofaces looks at you with fear, and a strange voice from the other side of the portal freezes your blood.
"Come to me, come to me." says the voice. "I am the one who will take you back home, where you belong."

The next day, you wake up and find yourself in a completely different place.
The environment is completely alien to you. it looks like a giant computer room, but it has no windows or doors. It's just an infinite expanse of screens and monitors. You look around for anything that might help you out, but there isn't even any power here.
You start calling out to see if anyone else is here and you finally hear a voice yell back say, "I'm over here, moron!"
You look over and see a partially naked man working at a desk. He waves to you and says, "Hi, I'm Kyle."
"Where are we?" You yell.
"Oh, we're in communications," he answers. "We're in charge of making sure all the satellites and other space crap works.
> You say "Where is everyone?"
"Who?" He replies.
"Everyone! You know, the people."
"Oh, you're talking about the aliens y'know." He acts like he doesn't understand what you mean.
> You say "It's hot in here"
"I know," he says, "it's always like this."
"Why didn't you leave?"
"Oh, that's a long story."
You don't listen to his story and simply say,
All of the monitors activate and turn to face you, each displaying a mouth as they say "Me hungry."
"What the fuck is this?" You yell.
"It's a safety protocol," Kyle explains, "
the monitors scream in unison "FEED US!"
"I'll... try to..."
You back away from the monitors as they quickly approach you, multiple mouths screaming. You turn and run, but the walls are made of glass and there's no where to go.
> You climb into the ceiling, where you find.
You pull out your knife and start hacking the ceiling apart, but you find that it's completely featureless save for a few tiny holes.
You see tubes labeled "FOOD" and cut one open to reveal:
You quickly cut another open and find:
You quickly stick your arm in the tube when you hear,
You turn to see Jeremy Renner, the head of Safety at Reindr0b industries, screaming at you in his underwear.
"How did you get here?" You ask.
"I was asleep and you didn't wake me up," he says, "how did you get in here?"
> You say "The moonstone portal took me here!"
"Really? Cool," he says, "we tried that too, but it didn't work, the only way to get here is through the floors or the ceilings."
You start cutting a hole in the floor to try to escape.
"Hey, I know," Renner says, "come over here and help me with this."
You help him lift up the floor tiles to reveal an open elevator.
> You say "Jeremy Renner, you are very useful."
"Yeah, and now you know how I'm a useful person, time to go to bed."
You lie in your bed, thinking about what happened.
"Hey, wake up!" Renner says,
you enter the elevator and read the buttons. They are labeled:
You hear a high-pitch noise, and the monitors turn themselves back off.
You push the button labeled "B."
You arrive what you assume to be the Basement, but when the elevator doors open, bees fly into the Elevator shaft.  You close the door and randomly hit another button on the elevator.
The bees buzz around your head as you wait for the bees to leave. Eventually, they do, and you open the door to continue.
You have arrived on the penthouse floor and step out to see Dr Reindrob sitting fiddling with some silver metallic alien device.
"Ah, you've arrived," he says, looking up at you and leaving his seat to greet you, "so, you're the one who hacked the security cameras. Impressive."
> You say "I'm here to free the slaves!"
"Hmmm... free the slaves eh? Well, that's very noble. But I'm not sure if the bees are really the bad guy here. Slavery is awful. Don't you think?"
Dr. Reindrob offers you some honey. It is delicious. You find yourself unsure of what is right and wrong.  You decide to go with your instincts.
you shake your butt to command the bees to attack. They sting many many you, and you die because of the allergic reaction to their sting.
The moral of the story: if there is a Moonstone Portal available, go for the honey!
You hear is Dr. Reindrob saying, "take him to research" before the hallway turns into a endless void.