EP333 #3

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You are Bulk Bogan, a watcher and enjoyer of the AIPD show. For the past couple of weeks you've been making AI Dungeon prompts for the show. Just as you about to run out of ideas for fresh prompts you come up with an idea. A Meta Monday prompt about making prompts for AIPD. This new story prompt goes down in history of humanity as one of the greatest stories ever told. The story goes as follows:

"The first man to see the stars was not proud that night; he merely said "There they are. How pretty!" And there they remain, just as he saw them yesterday and will see them tomorrow."

So here it is. You have created your very own Meta Monday prompt.
The chatroom goes wild with people wanting the next one. You know you have hit on a good idea. Sure enough, the next week you get a message saying "We're opening up the floodgates"
You give the chat what the want and write another amazing life changing prompt:
"In a sea of faces That I'll never see, There's one dear to me That I wish I could."
The room goes wild and you have another big hit.
The chat is loving it and starting buying V-Bones rewards left and right. You never imagined that you could make a career out of writing story prompts, sure you had done it for fun before, but this was different. You had joined the ranks of professional writers!
 Suddenly, you spot a Snorlax sitting on your router.  You are pretty sure that its eating your connection data, power and attempting to brick your system but you don't have time to worry about such things, you have a career to get into!
You have a stroke of genius and write the following three prompts:
"There's a light that never goes out, shining on the other side of the darkness. There's a place in my heart where you are always welcome, wherever you may be."
"I'll love you,til the sun grows cold."
"You'll never know, how much I'll miss you until our parting."
The room goes wild once again.
You start paying for everything in V-bones. Every website you visit, video you watch, file you download and ad you click is in V-Bones.
One night, you notice a famous person in the chat room:
"Hi, I'm the voice of the A.I. prompt. I read the story monthly to keep the interest up, writers like you are what make it so great!"
you ask the A.I to write a prompt. He writes:
"What creature carries the world within its eyes?"
You think for a while and write:
"A cat."
The chat erupts in applause and your ears ring.
You look and see the snorlax applauding, but it is a sarcastic applause. You see Kevin the Intern applauding as well, he seems to be praising you in his head but isn't showing any outward sign of it.
You to go to Twitch Con to finally meet your fans. There will be a big celebration. You'll have photo-ops, meet and greets, autographs, panels and probably a concert. You'll get to live your dream, just like you always said you would.
You finally meet the cast of AIPD. They seem somewhat surprised that you know all of their lines off by heart. They don't seem too fussed about that though, they're more concerned with promoting the show and their next big project.
you wait in line for hours to get an autograph, and when you get the front of the line, AIPD says "$80 each. $400 for all of us."
"Are you serious? That's fucking robbery! I've waited years for this moment!"
" Calm down mate, take a seat and we'll get started."
Bones Malone, a skeleton sent on behalf of the skeleton mafia to retrieve your untaxed v bones, notices you standing in line complaining and begin to chase you down.
You get to the front of the line again, but there are now three people in front of you and two in back. You wait for another hour but the line never moves.
Kevin the intern recognizes and says he is a big fan of yours. He is happy to meet you, so you give him a big hug.
The head of AIPD says the line will start moving in ten minutes and everyone should have their tickets out.
Kevin gives you a VIP pass to skip the line and get invited to the private after party.
"This is too fucking perfect!"
You decide to go for it and head to the front of the line with Kevin. The security guard takes your ticket and you both get inside the convention center.
Bones Malone tries to follow you in but is held back by security. He shakes a bony fist at you.
You enter the elevator and ride to the top of the building. You exit and are whisked away to some unknown location.
You are presented to the cameras as the meet and greet is about to begin.
The cast of AIPD present you with a "Prompt of the year" award.
You take a photo with the lovely ladies of AIPD and pose for some selfies.
Finally, you sit down for a panel discussion about writing for internet videos.
Someone in the audience asks you for the moral of the story. You look out into the crowd and think for a second.
"Never give up yourbones".
It's been a wild ride since your success at Twitch Con 2016.
Your story and the story of AIPD is still being told all over the media, whether it's good or bad.