EP333 #1

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You are Jim, a guy who wants to delete his browser history. However, while attempting to delete your browser history, you accidentally send your friends a copy of your it. Jason looks horrified by your browser history and Cory looks disgusted, but Tony just shrugs his shoulders in indifference.

After the shock wears off, you realize that this is actually pretty cool since you get to see how other people view your life.
Your history has the following 10 weird links on it:
1) A link to a porn site. You're not sure what kind of movies or videos you watched, but you can only assume they were some really kinky stuff.
2) A link to a page with an article about the Holocaust. You don't really get how this is relevant, but there it is.
3) A link to a page with the lyrics to Bohemian Rhapsody. You don't know much about Queen and this isn't exactly something you'd listen to, but there it is.
4) A link to a page with a half written story. You can tell it's about you and your friends, but it isn't really detailed and you have no idea what the ending is going to be.
5) A link to a Youtube video. You have no idea what this is either, but since you're in your privacy you can check it out.
6) A link to a Youtube playlist. This one makes the most sense out of anything.
7) A link to a Youtube comment thread. This one has some oddballs in it too, but most of them are praising you for your work.
8) A link to a Youtube artwork channel. You'd never listen to any of the songs they play, but you love the artwork that goes with it.
9) A link to a Youtube porn channel.
10) nunswithbuns.com
"This stuff doesn't make any damn sense. Why the hell would I have a link to a porn site in my browser history?" You say.
"I dunno, maybe you got hacked." Jane shrugs.
> You tell all your friends that your computer was hacked.
"Well I guess the best way to get over your embarrassment is to spread it to everyone else, let's all tell Jane her computer was hacked." You say.
"Alright, yeah that sounds good." David agrees.
You see a printout with the titles of ten weird videos on the YouTube playlist:
'Blue Dream- Blue Dream'
'Blue Dream - Blue Dream (DJ Quads Remix) '
'Weeds - Turn off the Lights'
'David Guetta - Titanium ft Nick Kamarero'
'David Guetta - Turn me on (I'm like lightning)'
'David Guetta - Sex Audit'
'David Guetta - Turn this M80 up! (ft. Flo Rida)'
'David Guetta - Just one more day (ft. Rome)'
'David Guetta - The world is my dancefloor'
'David Guetta - Sexy Bitch (I wanna get busy) '
'David Guetta - Play Hard (feat. Kaz James)'
'David Guetta - With every beat (I feel the love go) '
'David Guetta - She Wolf (Falling to love)'
You see Jane nodding her head.
Jane surprises you with tickets to David Guetta.
The concert is amazing and the tickets were definitely worth it. After the show, Jane hugs and kisses you goodbye, while David Guetta's set your ears ringing.
"That was certainly an exciting night!"
you cant find Jane in all the foam, you call out for her.
"Jane! Jane! You got us seats to the David Guetta concert!"
After frantically looking for Jane, a security guard tells you that you are invited to come backstage to meet David.
You thank the guard and head inside where a few more security guards are standing around.
> You see Jane talking to David Guetta.
You walk past the security guards and put your ear against the door. You hear David's familiar voice inside.
"Oh, my apologies to the crowd, I thought this was a private meeting."
You burst in and catch David in a compromising position with Jane.
"Aww! Now this is a cute picture!" You say.
"Who is this guy?" Jane asks.
"I'm sorry, but this is the most memorable moment of my life."
> You blackmail David Guetta.
"Yeah, let's make a deal. I'll tell everyone that it was you who hacked my computer if you give me a private concert."
David gives you a spite private concert. Afterwards you tell everyone it was David who hacked your computer. Everyone thinks you're a saint, and in the end you've made friends with David Guetta.
The moral of the story: You can get anything you want if you play your cards right.