EP331 #2

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You are mushroom Johnson, a mushroom man living in a damp cave far underground. Life is simple, your only real complaint is that its a bit dark, your bioluminescent cap lights up the area around you with a soft blue hue, but beyond that its just pure black. Its also kind of lonely. As far back as you can remember, you've never met another living being, aside from some cave rats. One day you decide to go exploring deeper down into the caves, perhaps to find a friend further within the dark depths.

As you descend deeper and deeper into the earth, you begin to hear strange noises coming from all directions. Sounds like something is moving through the ground below you, or maybe even above you.
the sound grows closer as you see a large rat running away from the sound. you follow it to a small hole where the rat greets you "I am Bronzeflipper the cave rat. It's dangerous to wander in the dark with that light."
"What do you mean?" You ask.
"Well I don't know what it is exactly, but there have been reports of things moving through the ground at night. The whole cavern has become very quiet lately."
> You ask Bronzeflipper where you can find some friends.
"Well thanks for the warning, I appreciate it," you say, "but I was looking for a friend. Where might I find some other living beings?"
"As a matter of fact there is one down the mine a ways. He comes from a long line of sotakians and is also a flautist. His name is Jay Fosdick."
you ask "what does a sotakian look like so I may know when I find him?
"It's a lizard like creature with a long tail, big teeth and an overly large head for the body size. The rest of the body is rather short and stocky. You can't miss him."
> You descend even deeper into the earth in search of Jay Fosdick.
As soon as you enter the dimly lit cavern, you see sotakian scurrying about as they prepare for a large gathering.
you listen for the sound of flute playing. You hear its piercing melody coming from one of the tents, so you enter it.
you see a sotakian sitting in a large chair playing a beautiful piece on a flute.
as you listen to the music you drift into a dream state where you mind meld with the others sotakians listening. You float outside of your own body and watch yourself, standing in the tent, watching yourself watching the sotakian.
your dream state is interrupted by the rumbling of shifting Earth as something grows closer. You feel a tingling sensation and are slowly pulled back into your own body and the tent.
you look around and see that every sotakian in the tent is focused on you.
They stare you like they are expecting you to say something profound, so you say, "that sounded amazing."
They giggle and nudge each other before one of them pipes up and says, "Come on let's get back to the gathering so we may continue our preparations for his arrival!
You head outside and see that the ground is indeed moving, its just that everyone is moving too.
> You see Jay Fosdick arriving. Everyone is very excited.
You see a human walking up the path towards the gathering of sotakians. Everyone is excitedly buzzing around, but they immediately cease what they are doing and stand at attention.
Jay Fosdick takes the stage and says, "I have good news and bad news. Which do you want to hear first?"
The crowd is buzzing with conversation.
A sotakian brave comes out and stands at attention in front of Jay.
> You step forward and say, "Tell me the bad news."
"The bad news is we find no trace of the your plague."
A sotakian cries out in dismay, and a few others with him. One yells, "Then we have nothing to discuss!"
Jay Fosdick begins to sweat nervously.
A sotakian asks, "How can you be sure it was the plague that killed them?"
Jay Fosdick tells you the good news: "The good news is we have found traces of the plague at different locations in the caverns! We have isolated the infection and found a cure!"
The infected sotakians quiet down and a few ask,
You bring forth a False cure, that looks like real cure, and the Sotakins cheer for you.
Jay Fosdick asks you, "What are you doing here?!"
You smile and say, "I'm taking the cure. I have the plague."
you drink the False cure and undergo the following changes:
Your mind is altered. You are more susceptible to suggestion.
You are cured of the plague.
> You ask jay Fosdick if the two of you can be friends. You tell him, "I am a fun gi."
He thinks for a moment and realizes it is a reasonable compromise.
"Yes, yes, of course. I'm sure we can be friends."
You nod and say, "We can gi"
The moral of the story: Always trust a sotakian.
The End.